A company name Bumble recently went pubic with an initial public offering (IPO –

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

A company name Bumble recently went pubic with an initial public offering (IPO – which means they created a stock and put it on the market). This IPO drew a lot of media attention. When a company offers a stock into the stock market the general public can now buy an ownership stake in the company. Whether or not buying an ownership stake is worth it requires the same kind of due diligence and strategic analysis that this class has offered you. Your mission should you choose to accept it (and you will) is to dig deeper.
In order to dig deeper you will look at Bumble’s SEC Form S1 filing. SEC Form S-1 is the initial registration form for new securities required by the SEC (Links to an external site.) for public companies that are based in the U.S. Companies usually file SEC Form S-1 in anticipation of their initial public offering (IPO) (Links to an external site.). Form S-1 requires companies to provide information on the planned use of capital proceeds, detail the current business model and competition and provide a brief prospectus of the planned security itself, offering price methodology and any dilution that will occur to other listed securities (Links to an external site.). (from Investopedia (Links to an external site.)).
For your convenience I have put the S1 here: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1830043/000119312521009745/d20761ds1.htm (Links to an external site.) however simply typing “Bumble S1” into Google would get you there.
Open the form and do the following to write your short paper:
For this assignment using “Table of Contents” links and “Find” (CTRL+F) and typing in key terms may be helpful
Scroll down past the Table of Contents til you hit Page 1 (you will see numbers at the bottom of the pages once you scroll down far enough)
Read the “Who We Are” section Pages 1-4 (you can use CTRL+F and type “Who We Are” to locate) and get a general idea of the business (you will need to summarize)
Read Pages 4-7 (Our Opportunity, Our Value Proposition, Our Strengths, Our Growth Strategies) and mark/take notes on key ideas – these will go into your SWOT
Read RISK FACTORS Pages 28-33 (feel free to read on if you wish) as these will inform your Five Forces diagram and SWOT
Review the (unaudited) Financial Statements Pages 23-27 and get a feel for the things covered within AND then perform an “eye-test” looking for big changes or patterns that stand out to you – this will inform your financial analysis.
Now write your paper based on your S1 review above and the following PAPER REQUIREMENTS:
Write a one paragraph “executive summary” offering an overview of Bumble’s businesses – what they do and how they create value.
Create a SWOT for Bumble
Create a Five Forces analysis of Bumble (use the diagram from your book and create the sections. You do NOT need to create a graphical diagram. List key items that fit in each key area (e.g. “Threat of Buyers”, “Threat of New Entrants”. You may create a diagram if you wish but there is no extra points)
Based on your S1 review, SWOT and Five Forces:
List five (3) key factors you feel will drive Bumble’s success and offer a brief analysis (2-3 sentences each) as to why this is the case.
List five (5) key factors you feel are major risks or strategic issues for Bumble and offer a brief analysis (2-3 sentences each) as to why this is the case.
Based on your “eye test” review of Bumble’s financials list five observations (patterns or things that stood out) and offer a brief analysis (2-3 sentences each) as to why they stood out to you.
Goto Yahoo Finance and look up Bumble (type in BMBL) and look at the stock chart and news then make a brief recommendation based on your stock chart review and your analyses throughout this paper as to whether or not you believe Bumble is a worth while investment. (1-2 paragraphs is fine)

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