Aim of this study is to look how leaders in the healthcare industry applied cris

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Aim of this study is to look how leaders in the healthcare industry applied crisis management in pandemic outbreaks Rationale of research & areas of interest leadership and management in emergency situations have sops, framework and guidances in place.But in a crisis situation like the pandemic we are dealing with unknown. It is a novelty never before faced calamity, a situation without existing script or play book to handle . It is a situation full of uncertainties at every turns andtwists with different sets of outcomes. No one knows to perform, plan and execute no known right or wrong way to follow coupled with a clever dynamic reactive opponent. This involves problem solving, adjustment to minute to minute changes, issues and situations. It is a real time crisis with life and death situations and various ramifications in all walks of individual s community’s and nations existence. A situation of stress, strife and fear than can wreck life and cause havoc if not handled well. What I want to learn By this study I want to learn how lead managers handled the situation? what were the skill sets involved in the game? what characteristics attributes are important to apply for this leadership style? what were the important priorities derived to set and put processes in place? what pit falls to avoid and learn from within and outside? how to manage the long term onging outcome? Finally what did we learn to be future ready, in our dealings both at individual organisational and national level, to be opportunistic or altruistic during such a pandemic crisis management. Am a keen observer of health & have an active interest in healthcare, would love to be able to investigate the above & get answers to this topic by researching this area of study. Plan to collect this information by questionnaire of good number of people on the street

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