as well as other social movements such as the Women’s movement, LGBTQ struggles, and other identity-based mobilizations?

Posted: March 17th, 2022

Provided sources only You should provide an analysis that does more than summarize, and you should aim for an original view of how the material combines—or doesn’t—as you see fit. You are free to use parenthetical citations (ie, Mays, 4; Allen, 8). Please draw from the A-V material (videos, films) when relevant and please be sure that bulk quotes do not take the place of your own analysis. You can just cite a film with a general citation (ie, “12 Years a Slave” ) and you need not cite lecture material, though you may if you choose. Ideal responses will be original, insightful, and comprehensive, with a clear statement (thesis) that lays out your argument. But we will bear in mind that you are working with a limited word count. Your total answer should fall between 1200 and 1800 words. These word limits are guidelines, not requirements. Your total submission is likely to be around 4-6 pages, in a regular (ie, Times New Roman) font and 12-point size. You may write more. You may write less. In each case, you must have a thesis and an argument that is supported from citations from the texts. We are looking for clarity, originality, and comprehensiveness. Answer 1 of the following: A)As had been the case in the interwar (1919-1939) years, the postwar (1945-1980) Black Freedom Struggle was profoundly shaped by international conditions and by the direct and indirect engagement of African Americans with struggles throughout the world. In an essay, evaluate the importance of struggles beyond the borders of the United States for thinking about the Black Freedom Struggle. What is gained by a global approach toward thinking about African American politics? What, if anything, is lost? How do the struggles engaged after 1945 differ, if at all, from the countries such as Mexico, the Soviet Union and Japan that were influential before 1945? You may want to use material from module #1 in your answer. B)One can argue that the postwar Black freedom struggle shaped, and was shaped by, broader forces in American society. In an essay, discuss the wider impact of African American struggles for equality and justice, both in shaping the struggles of other politically marginalized populations and in driving the agenda of those who saw the demand for Black equality as a threat. To what extent can we argue that “African American political and social struggles provide a critical context for understanding both the strength of the political right in the United States and in comprehending the demands of other minority groups, as well as other social movements such as the Women’s movement, LGBTQ struggles, and other identity-based mobilizations?

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