Author Biographic information. Does an author have a Ph.D. in Anthropology or employed in an Anthropology Department?

Posted: March 9th, 2022

500 word minimum. See attached “instructions” there are two parts to this. The essay and the annotated article. This essay will demonstrate your knowledge of anthropological theory and skills in critical analysis and writing. Your essay is based on the additional journal article you selected that is related to the assigned “required” article for your Major Theory(Post Modernism). How does this “additional” article use anthropological theory to address a research problem or issue? You must use the essay narrative outline and headers noted below. To facilitate professor review, your essay must include in-text citations for the exact page of the additional article. Annotate a copy of your additional article, highlighting the major topic in the margins using the headers from the outline below. You are welcome to use other related articles, books, and publications to indicate your broader study of the topic, but your essay must be focused on the additional article you selected. All sources must be in the References Cited section at the end. To reduce the need for summarizing the article, include the exact quote of the article’s Abstract. Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words of text, not including “abstract” or “References Cited” section. Your essay will be evaluated using “Turnitin” for its content, grammar, and spelling. For the professor to verify your findings, accompany your essay with a copy of the selected article with your markups and annotations that clearly indicate the header topics as noted below. Web pages cannot be used as sources unless they are clearly justified as an authoritative sources. Essay Outline: (Required to use these headers, in this order) (The first headers up to the Essay Narrative are exactly the same as from your assignment for selecting the article. If complete and correct for that assignment, simply cut and paste to this assignment.) Student Name: Course: Date: Full Citation in AAA style (Includes author(s), year published, title of article, journal title, volume, issue, pages). Author Biographic information. Does an author have a Ph.D. in Anthropology or employed in an Anthropology Department? Include place of employment and professional web page link. Abstract: Full exact quote copied directly from additional article. Essay Narrative Outline: How do the authors use anthropology theory and methods to address their research problem? 1. Purpose of research, research question. 2. Major Theory stated or restated as substantive theory 3. Research Methods 4. Units of Analysis 5. Does data support the research question and theory? 6. How is this “additional” article related to, and contributes to, a better understanding of the Major Theory and assigned “required” article. 7. Can this research be directly applied to solve a human problem? What are its practical uses? 8. References Cited: Include full citation to all sources used in the essay using American Anthropologist which uses the Chicago Manual style. Annotated Copy of Additional Journal Article See Attached article. Identify the sections that are related to the above outline topics: Purpose, Theory, Methods, Units of Analysis, Findings, and Major Conclusions with your comments in the margins. Annotate using MS Word Review function, or manually with a pencil/pen/colored markers. If printed copy is manually annotated, scan and post as one file, not as individual pages. Post into Assignments for Annotated Copy. Essay Format, and Line Spacing: Use MS Word, using 1 inch top, bottom, side margins, and Times New Roman 12-point font double spaced. Do not use a separate cover page. The essay should be double-spaced. The single line spaced “References Cited” section should immediately follow the essay and not begin on the next page. Do not use footnotes at the bottom of a page. Place topic of paper, student name, and date single-spaced on top of the first page. Name should appear on the top right of each page and bottom center page numbers. Citations to your Sources: All assignments, both electronic or printed, MUST use the source citation format and style of the American Anthropologist which uses the Chicago Manual. For in-text citations include the author’s last name, year published, and the exact page number where the information you are using it is from. For example, at the end of a sentence or paragraph include (Wiedman 2017:10). The full complete citation information is then included in the “References Cited Section” following the text of your essay. Style guidelines are available in Canvas: Course Materials, “Writing Papers in the Style of the American Anthropologist.”

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