Can you put together a budget with the total cost of the program, as well as something broken down by unit of output?

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Assume you are a city budget officer in a small city. You receive the following email from your supervisor, the mayor.
Budget Officer,
I hope this email finds you well (what does that even mean?). At yesterday’s city council meeting, a proposal was discussed for the city to provide counseling services for at-risk teens. We’d like to have a full-time counselor who would supervise the program in addition to providing counseling, and three FTE positions for counseling, for a total of four FTE. The idea is that each position would see roughly ten half-hour appointments per day.
We can offer $75,000 salary to the supervisor, and $55,000 per FTE for the rest. Of course, you know our benefits packages for full-time employees.
If I’m going to pitch this to the taxpayers, I need to know how much this whole thing is going to cost us. Can you put together a budget with the total cost of the program, as well as something broken down by unit of output?
Mayor Smith
For background information, each position you hire is subject to the employer portion of FICA and Medicare tax. Additionally, full-time employees are eligible for employer-sponsored healthcare at a cost of $1,000 per month. For full-time employees, the city contributes 4% of their salary to a retirement account.
Please think about the following questions and submit a memo to the mayor that addresses her questions.
In addition to the above information, what other factors may be necessary in order to estimate the cost of this program?
Should you be using full cost accounting or differential cost accounting?
What is the measurement of output that you will use as your cost basis?
Your memo should include a narrative description of the budget necessary, and should also include a table showing the relevant costs.
Comments from Customer
Customer is an international student. Please, provide a regular grammatically correct, well-structured paper according to the instructions and academic context provided, written with simple sentence structures and easy vocabulary (or shortly, use simple English).

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