Choose two concepts in the theory you choose last week and describe:

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Choose two concepts in the theory you choose last week and describe:
How are the concepts defined in general (from other references)?
How does the theorist define each of the concepts you have chosen?
How do those concepts apply to your clinical practice? Give concrete examples.
The second part to this week’s discussion includes developing your group project. Post an outline of the project with assignments for each portion on your group discussion board. Each group member should complete an equal amount of work.
Please note that you can easily access the group discussion board by going to Course Tools in the top course navigation bar and clicking on Groups.
Guidelines: To support your work, use the textbooks from your course and also use the South University Online Library, citing your sources in your work and providing references for the citations in APA format. Weekly lecture notes are designed as overviews to the topic for the respective week and should not serve as a citation or reference.
In your discussion question response, provide a substantive response that illustrates a well-reasoned and thoughtful response; is factually correct with relevant scholarly citations, references, and examples; and demonstrates a clear connection to the readings.
Post your response to the Discussion area by the assigned due date.
Be sure to correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors before you post.
Requirements: 2 pages
From the textbook, Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice, read the following:
The Essentials of the Doctor of Nursing Practice: A Philosophical Perspective
Components and Levels of Abstraction in Nursing Knowledge
Theory Development – Barrier and Stimulants
Professional Barriers and Stimulants
Social Barriers
Context, Content, and Process
Social Barriers and Stimulants
Early Influences
Milestones in Theory Development
Nursing Theory Critique
Nursing Theory and Practice
Textbook Information
Butts, J. B., & Rich, K. L. (2017). Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Peterson, S. J., & Bredow, T. S. (2016). Middle range theories: Application to nursing research (4th ed.). LWW.
American Psychological Association (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). American Psychological Association. ISBN: 9781433832154.

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