Describe the change you expect the industry to undergo within that timeperiod.

Posted: March 22nd, 2022

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1. Do you believe that having a superior technology alone is enough to ensure that a company will have along-term sustainable advantage? Explain how you would define “superior technology” and describe whyyou feel that this is or isn’t the case, using at least two current tech companies as examples.2. The world has been rocked in many ways by the COVID pandemic. It has changed people’s lives and hasupset entire industries. Name two current tech companies that have been significantly affected by thepandemic in some way. For each, describe how the pandemic has affected its business, and explain whatyou think it should do to regain its footing as the pandemic passes, in order to regain (or develop) a long-term competitive advantage.3. What do you think distinguishes a disruptive idea from an innovative idea? That is, what must be presentin order for something to be considered a true disruption? Name two existing tech companies that youfeel have disrupted an industry through an innovation or other meaningful action, and explain why youbelieve the effect was disruptive, not just incremental.4. Porter’s five forces model of industry analysis provides a framework for developing an understanding ofthe dynamics of an industry. Pick an industry that you feel will be affected by a significant change insome way in the next five years. Describe the change you expect the industry to undergo within that timeperiod. Name the two Porter’s forces that you feel will be most relevant to the development of a strongstrategy for sustainable advantage in that industry during that time. Defend your view.
Requirements: 1 page each question

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