.Describe the department you will be leading including how many full-time employees, programs, services, et

Posted: February 25th, 2022

THIS IS FINAL PROJECT. TEXTBOOK IS ATTACHED EVERY ASPECT NEEDS TO BE ADDED. The purpose of this Final Project is to give you the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in this course to a management position in a healthcare organization. The goal of this project is to take education from a theoretical basis to a practical application. Final Project (HIM Competence VI.1., Level 4) Assume you have accepted a management position in a healthcare organization where you have not previously worked. Develop a 180-day Action Plan addressing the activities that you will undertake to effectively be established in this new position. It may be useful to divide the plan into shorter time periods, such as the first 30 days, first 60 days, etc. Assumptions 1.You can choose the type of healthcare organization (HCO) – a hospital, physician group, long-term care facility, or any other HCO that you are familiar with or interested in. 2.You can use an actual HCO or develop a fictitious example. 3.This is a middle management position such as a department director. As stated above, this is a new organization for you. The department you will be leading is stable, but performance has been going down recently. Senior management is looking for you to diagnose the reasons for the decline in performance and make recommendations for improvements. Requirements 1.Provide a brief description of the organization including the type (hospital, long-term care facility, etc.), size (number of beds, number of providers, etc.), organizational structure, leadership style, and ownership (profit or not-for-profit). 2.Describe the department you will be leading including how many full-time employees, programs, services, etc. 3.At a minimum, you must address the following areas in your plan: a.Employee motivation b.Teamwork c.Communication d.Conflict management e.Building internal alliances f.Quality improvement g.IT requirements h.Regulatory/accreditation requirements i.Patient satisfaction j.Growth opportunities 4.There is no minimum number of pages for this assignment since the format used will determine the length of your plan. Your instructor does expect you to cover each topic in enough depth to demonstrate your understanding of the key considerations in each area listed above. 5.Format – You can choose a format with which you are comfortable. It could be a work plan in the Word table format shown below, or a well-developed “to do” list. The following is a beginning example of what your instructor considers to be a well-developed work plan and “to do” list: Example of Word Table Work Plan (SEE FIRST SCREENSHOT) Example of a Well-Developed “To Do” List (the To Do list must have a timeline) To be completed in first 30 days (Note, there will be multiple items to do in each 30-day period, what is listed below is just an example of one possible activity.) Complete new manager orientation: 1.Review organization-wide strategic plan 2.Meet with HR to understand relevant personnel policies and union contracts 3.Meet with finance to understand current budgets and regular reporting requirements 4.Meet with quality director to understand current QI initiatives 5.Meet with IT to understand current system applications 6.Meet with boss and establish a regular meeting schedule Employee Motivation: 1.Schedule a time to meet with department employees. 2.Develop an interview tool including a discussion on motivation. 3.Develop and have each employee complete a form outlining how they prefer to be recognized. 4.Develop and maintain a recognition log.

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