Develop a six (6) page Statement of Work Document (SOW) to procure a service

Posted: February 24th, 2022

Develop a six (6) page Statement of Work Document (SOW) to procure a service. The service will be requesting development of IT tools to manage a K9 dog training and boarding business located at the Las Vegas, NV region. The IT tool should be able to manage expenses/accounting, trainer schedule, customer contact information, dog/pet information at a minimum. Your document must include a cover page and at least 3 academic references ( a total of 8 pages).
Must follow the following SOW sections outline;
1. 1.0 Introduction – what does the project intent to achieve?
1. 1.1 Background – What led to the necessity of this project?
2. 1.2 Scope of work – Define “how” and “what” of the story
3. 1.3 Objectives – Define “why”
2. 2.0 Schedule – Define “When”
3. 3.0 Prices – Defines the “how much” of the story
4. 4.0 Key Assumptions – Assumptions that are not related to the scope are included here
5. 5.0 Acceptance – The acceptance section contains the client signature and the signature from the agency’s key executives overseeing the project
6. 6.0 References

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