Discuss for each source why it is timely, credible and scholarly (part of that is why the author is credible).

Posted: March 17th, 2022

The elements of this assignment are:
I. Critically examine at least 3 credible, scholarly sources and include them in your
annotated bibliography.
II. Discuss for each source why it is timely, credible and scholarly (part of that is why the
author is credible).
III. Discuss how each source relates to your paper and why you are using it. There is no
minimum word count on this assignment, just be sure to cover the 3 areas above for
each of your sources. If you would like to do more than 3 that is fine but 3 is the
Use APA or MLA formatting for your AB. Save your file as a Word Doc or Rich Text File (rtf)
with your last name, first name and the assignment name in the file. It would take the form
LastName_FirstName_Assignment. Thus, if your name is Alicia Jackson, and this is your
Annotated Bibliography for the Final Paper, you would use the file name:
Jackson_Alicia_Annotated Bibliography.rtf.
As you examine at least 3 sources, keep in mind this is NOT just a list of references. Be sure
to address the above objectives for each of your references. That means you would list each
reference in APA or MLA format and then immediately follow the reference with your
annotation (which addresses the objectives). Double-space both your reference and the
annotated discussion. The first reference and its annotation would be followed by the next
reference and its annotation, etc. Remember a minimum of 3 annotated sources is required.
It would be useful to review the annotated bibliography material at the Purdue University
OWL (On-line Writing Lab) at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/. This would also be a helpful
resource for checking your MLA or APA formatting. Another resource you might find helpful
is the 3 minute 11 second video: Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals:

These links should open automatically if you press “ctrl” as you left click on the hyperlink but
if they don’t, then copy/paste them into your browser.

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