Discuss limitations of my measure (biases on owner) – Discuss scalability- can you duplicate in another location?

Posted: March 17th, 2022

Include in paper: -Brief description/ information of nursing home abuse/neglect -Current stats/issues in NY state (talk about how problems with owners and how its caused other problems like understaffed, low wages, etc) -Clearly defined Outcome Measure and focus population – Quality of care due to unqualified nursing home owners as the outcome measure, be sure to clearly define the measure; including a detailed description of the population you plan to start with (owners of nursing homes) -Describe the current landscape and potential intervention – why does the issue exist? Why is this a growing problem? (owners billing Medicaid for insufficient services and pocketing the money) Is there some external factor making it better/worse? Create an intervention plan to address the concern and also how you plan to roll out the intervention.(stricter rules to owning a nursing home, monthly surveyors from both the NY state and Medicaid ) -Clearly define the benchmarks – what measure(s) will you calculate to define success? # of complaints received from patients or staff. Discuss limitations of my measure (biases on owner) – Discuss scalability- can you duplicate in another location? Discuss state requirements and why it might be possible or not to roll out in other states. Useful Links (please feel free to use others/find more): https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/press-releases/archived/final.pdf https://garfunkelwild.com/new-laws-for-new-york-nursing-homes-will-take-effect-on-october-21-2021/ https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/press-releases/archived/final.pdf https://www.nursinghomelawcenter.org/regulation.html https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK224489/ https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/03/25/us-concerns-neglect-nursing-homes DeParle, Nancy-Ann. “Testimony on Nursing Home Staffing.” Assistant Secretary for Legislation. Department of Health and Human Services, 27 Jul 2000. Web. 29 May 2013. http://www.hhs.gov/asl/testify/t000727a.html “PART 483—REQUIREMENTS FOR STATES AND LONG TERM CARE FACILITIES.” U.S. Government Printing Office. U.S. Government Printing Office, 29 May 2013. Web. 31 May 2013. http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=e3979b25f8d8b29c78b1b3f6c66dbdaa&rgn=div5&view=text&node=42: “What Information Can I Get About Staffing?.”Medicare.gov. N.p.. Web. 29 May 2013. http://www.medicare.gov/NursingHomeCompare/About/StaffingInfo/Staffing-Info.asp&xgt https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK98786/ https://www.health.ny.gov/facilities/nursing/rights/docs/2017_nh_resident_abuse_report.pdf ? about NY https://www.nursinghomeabusecenter.com/nursing-home-abuse/causes/ https://www.nursinghomeabuse.org/nursing-home-neglect/understaffing/#:~:text=Understaffing%20in%20nursing%20homes%20is,dehydration%2C%20malnutrition%2C%20or%20bedsores. **please CITE EVERYTHING and each sentence as needed. Use scholarly sources, and as many as needed.

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