discuss management theories that could be utilized to increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness

Posted: March 22nd, 2022

This paper should be in APA format. Please utilize a minimum of three resources for this assignment, which could be articles or books. One of the book resources will be the Management Fundamentals, 9th edition by,Lussier,Robert
Your paper should be 4 pages. (The page count is just a guide. Feel free to exceed the stated limit).
The paper must include a Cover page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Appendix (see step 2 below), and Reference page. (These will not be counted in the page count).
Step 1: identify a company. It may be in any industry, private, public, or non-profit. Either speak with the manager or research the company online to learn about the company’s culture and to gauge employee engagement.
Step 2: rank the bad boss behaviors below from 1-12 (1 = worst morale killer, makes you consider quitting your job; 12 = still affects morale but better than the rest). The ranked list needs to be the Appendix at the end of your Word document.
Step 3: after ranking the list, 1) describe the business; 2) perform an in-depth analysis of the internal conflict in the company you selected (i.e., what’s causing morale to decline); 3) discuss management theories that could be utilized to increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness; 4) how does the culture of the organization contribute to employee engagement; and 5) using the top 3 bad boss behaviors from your list, what recommendations would you make to the owner about resolving conflict between bosses and employees.
All five sections in Step 3 need to have section headings (e.g., “Internal Conflict”; “Management Theories”).
The Skeptic – does not believe that employees will do what they say
The Comparer – compares one employee’s performance to another’s
The Information Disseminator – does not share all the information to complete a project
The Recognizer – slow to recognize employees
The Know It All – does not have all of the information, but acts like he does
The Late Night Worker – expects that because he checks emails after hours everyone on the team should also
The Over Committer – tries to be the fix-all-Manager for the organization.
The Creditor – takes credit for everyone’s work
The “Over” Talker – talks over everyone during meetings. Believes he has all the “correct” answers
The Executor – rushes everyone through a project to check it off his list of things to do
Talking Out of Both Sides of the Mouth – says one thing but means another
The Conclusion Jumper – Has already made up his mind with the limited information

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