Do you think General Strain Theory would have other policy implications for crimes like this?

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Source: Texas Correctional Officer Murder (Links to an external site.)
Date: July 18, 2016
AUSTIN — Texas prison officials have identified Dillion Gage Compton, a 21-year-old inmate from Dallas, as the suspect in a killing this weekend at a state prison unit.
Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials found the body of correctional officer Mari Johnson on Saturday at the French Robertson Unit in Abilene. They allege that Compton, who is serving time for aggravated sexual assault of a child, attacked Johnson as she entered the prison’s storage area near the kitchen.
Compton is being transferred to a maximum security unit, department officials said, declining to specify which one.
Investigators with the prison agency’s inspector general are gathering evidence in the murder and will present the case to prosecutors in Jones County, officials said.
Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement Saturday about the murder, calling on Texans to pray for the victim and her family.
“Texas will ensure the perpetrator receives swift justice, and TDCJ has been instructed to take all necessary measures to enhance the safety of their staff to prevent such tragedies,” he said.
Discussion Questions
As you are aware, prisons are a place where both employees and persons incarcerated feel strain. Decide which of the following policy proposals Agnew’s General Strain Theory would recommend in order to prevent similar offenses. After you make your selection, be sure to explain your reasoning.
Increase recreational options for inmates so they have different avenues of releasing stress.
Require that correctional officers be supervised at all times by at least two other officers when in a setting with inmates.
Implement more rehabilitative programs so inmates do not turn to violence when they are upset.
Improve correctional officer training so they learn how to defend themselves.
Do you think General Strain Theory would have other policy implications for crimes like this?

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