Explain each procedure involved in the collection of data to answer the questions.

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Data Collection Process: 3 paragraphs
Explain each procedure involved in the collection of data to answer the questions.
Include each interaction with or condition presented to participants from the point of informed consent until the end of their involvement in the project. If your proposed methodology includes data collection prior to or without informed consent, explain each step from the beginning of data collection to the end. If your project includes presentation of conditions or variables to participants, explain what those conditions or variables will include. Justify all data collection procedures by explaining how they align with the questions, methodology, and measures as previously described.
Ethical Considerations: 1 paragraph
Discuss ethical considerations addressing privacy, confidentiality, and data security based on the current plan. Potential ethical issues may arise based on the decisions you have made so far regarding participants, measures, sampling, and data collection procedures. Be sure to include any of these potential issues as needed. At a minimum, address privacy, confidentiality, and data security. Align ethical considerations with federal regulations, Capella University policies, and ethical research practices at Capella, along with any ethical codes or considerations specific to your field of study.
Describe each potential ethical issue, including the specific risks that may arise.
Explain how you will mitigate or prevent those risks from occurring.
If risk prevention or mitigation is not possible, justify why the project should occur and what can be done to resolve any problems that may arise.
Data Analysis Plan: 3 paragraphs
Describe a plan to analyze and present the data that will be collected so that questions are answered. As appropriate for the type of data and methodology, address data processing (coding, converting, statistical analysis) and data display (such as tables, graphs, or figures). Explain how each choice aligns with the methodology, data sources, and sample size that you are proposing.

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