Fourth Paragraph: What research or treatment is there for the disorder/disease?

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Need a 500 word write up of the following prompt: Your assignment will be to research a Genetics Disorder or Disease caused by a mutation. You can choose from the list above or find your own that interests you. Your write-up will need the following information. Note: It doesn’t have to be in this exact order, but all of the information needs to be included in paragraph form, complete sentences, no spelling errors, at least 500 words. Your paragraphs MUST have at least 3 sentences. Title: Name of disorder or disease First Paragraph: Background information= Description of the disorder/disease, how it is caused (i.e. genetics or environmental) and history (how it was discovered). Second Paragraph: What type of mutation is it (deletion, insertion, substation), what is and described the detrimental mutation effect (i.e. protein function change, protein is destroyed). Third Paragraph: Explain how it is constructed from replication through protein synthesis. Be sure you describe the shift in the beginning (due to the type of mutation). This paragraph should have the most details mentioning steps. You may need to use more than one paragraph. For this you simply have use what you learned from M4 lesson to explain the construction of the mutation starting at replication to transcription to translation; including the shift change. Fourth Paragraph: What research or treatment is there for the disorder/disease? Work Cited (please cite your sources or no credit will be given) ** We are far enough in the semester where I shouldn’t need to giv

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