From global networks to digital platforms, Environment and Planning A 52(5): 1005-1016. #8 Reading Summary: 1. Birch, K. (2020) Automated neoliberalism?

Posted: March 22nd, 2022

You must read and summarize ALL the academic publications each week; as a 3rd year course, you are expected to know how the library works (e.g. you need to sign in) and be able to read academic literature critically. Failure to do both readings will lead to 0% for that week. – Weekly summaries should be no more than 500 words (1 page, single-spaced), which should cover both the weekly readings. It should do the following: (i) summarise the main argument/claim; (ii) identify limitations to the argument/claim (in relation to author’s goals); and (iii) raise questions for further discussion. #1 Reading Summary: 1. West, S.M. (2019) Data capitalism: Redefining the logics of surveillance and privacy, Business & Society 58(1): 20-41. 2. Chapter 3 in Zuboff, S. (2019) The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, New York: Public Affairs (as much as you can read on Google Books). #2 Reading Summary: 1. Obar, J. and Oeldorf-Hirsch, A. (2020) The biggest lie on the internet: Ignoring the privacy policies and terms of service policies of social networking services, Information, Communication & Society 23(1): 128-147. 2. Pistor, K. (2020) Rule by data: The end of markets?, Law and Contemporary Problems 83: 101-124. 3. Marcus, J.S. (2020) New challenges to transfers of personal data from the EU to the United States, Bruegel, available at: challenges-to-transfers-of-personal-data-from-the-eu-to-the-united-states/ #3 Reading Summary: 1. Beauvisage, T. and Mellet, K. (2020) Datassets: Assetizing and Marketizing Personal Data, in K. Birch and F. Muniesa (eds) Assetization: Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism, Cambridge MA: MIT Press. 2. Grabher, G. and Konig, J. (2020) Disruption, embedded: A Polanyian framing of the platform economy, Sociologica 14(1): 95-118. #4 Reading Summary: 1. Birch, K. and Cochrane, D.T. (2021) Big Tech: Four Emerging Forms of Digital Rentiership, Science as Culture. [Open Access] 5 2. Birch, K., Cochrane, T. and Ward, C. (2021) Data as asset? The measurement, governance, and valuation of digital personal data by Big Tech, Big Data & Society. [Open Access] #5 Reading Summary: 1. Langley, P. and Leyshon, A. 2017. Platform capitalism: The intermediation and capitalization of digital economic circulation. Finance and Society 3(1): 11-31. 2. Chapter 2, of Srnicek, N. (2017) Platform Capitalism, Cambridge: Polity Press. #6 Reading Summary Artyushina, A. (2020) Is civic data governance the key to democratic smart cities? The role of the urban data trust in Sidewalk Toronto, Telematics and Informatics 55, doi: 10.1016/j.tele.2020.101456 Datta, A. (2015) New urban utopias of postcolonial India: ‘Entrepreneurial urbanization’ in Dholera smart city, Gujarat. Dialogues in Human Geography 5(1): 3-22. #7 Reading Summary: 1. Chapter 4, in Perzanowski, A. and Schultz, J. (2016) The End of Ownership: Personal Property in the Digital Economy, Cambridge MA: MIT Pres [Open Access]. 2. Grabher, G. and van Tuijl, E. (2020) Uber-production: From global networks to digital platforms, Environment and Planning A 52(5): 1005-1016. #8 Reading Summary: 1. Birch, K. (2020) Automated neoliberalism? The digital organization of markets in technoscientific capitalism, New Formations 100-101: 10-27 [Open Access]. 2. Borgesius, F.Z. (2020) Price Discrimination, Algorithmic Decision-Making, and European Non-Discrimination Law, European Business Law Review, 31(3): 401- 422. 3. Whittaker, M. 2021. The steep cost of capture, Interactions, available at: cost-of-capture

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