Give the rate for TFR Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) Give the rate for IMR Human Development Index (HDI) Give the global rank of HD

Posted: March 17th, 2022

I will be attaching the WORD document of this assignment but here are the instructions *TABLE/SPREADSHEET is already in the word document that I will be attaching* Please construct a spreadsheet and then write a one paragraph response covering the following data: Please go to the following Websites and note the Population (total), TFR, Infant mortality rate, and Development for the following nations: Cuba, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia and Singapore. Also note the dependence on agriculture and the GDP per capita. Make a spreadsheet grid to make comparisons; I have given the United States for comparative purposes. Please use the latest year available for your figures. Be sure to write down in the assignment each of the figures, and then write a paragraph about your impressions. In the Week 2 Agenda video, I note areas that I have explored with certain given data, such as women’s empowerment and the relationship of dependency on agriculture to a nation’s GDP and per capita income. You might make other observations, such as how the United States compares to other nations in the table, or you might look at data you find of interest to your own university major. I want to know what you see in the data, what you find of interest, and any questions or ideas the information has you pondering. The academic term “essay” is from the classic and influential Renaissance work by Michel de Montaigne titled Essais. In French, “essai” means “attempt” or “trial.” It does not attempt to arrive at certainty, but rather contemplates the meaning of given knowledge. Thus, in my courses over the years, an essay involves two components: first, a summary of certain given information (accuracy is important here), and second, a personal reflection on that information. Total Population Give the population in millions Total Fertility Rate (TFR) Give the rate for TFR Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) Give the rate for IMR Human Development Index (HDI) Give the global rank of HDI HDI Explained at Gender Inequality Index (GII) , and then in the dropdown menus select the following: Dimension: “Gender”; Gender: “Gender Inequality Indix” (GII) Give the number for GII. The number is between 0 and 1. Dependence on agriculture for GDP : Choose the country from the dropdown menu. Find the “Economy” section for the nation, and then the agriculture as percentage of GDP composition. GDP per capita: same Website as above; give the GDP per capita in thousands of dollars. Please note: In order to insert a table into a Word document, copy the table in Excel and “Copy as Picture.” You can then paste the picture in a Word document.

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