: How did you search for your sources? Which criteria did you use in the selection of sources? What kind of source was included/excluded

Posted: February 25th, 2022

Formal requirements for the paper (as stated from the university): -Write the paper with the added Template. – In your paper, you must review 6-10 research papers (equivalent to ca 250 pages of reading) on the topic of your choice, but related to Teaching/Learning English as a Second/Foreign Language. – Your paper must be 1,500-2,000 words. – Write a critical discussion of each paper (remember: Do not just summarise the papers; you must discuss them critically, taking a stance. – Organise your text so that: The logical connections between ideas are clear, Your critical discussion of each paper shows your stance, The text gives an overview of the current research on the topic you have selected, The text is engaging. Sections your paper must contain: 1. Introduction: a) State the research topic; b) Explain the topic’s significance within the academic community (research) and/or the teaching community (professional practice); c) Provide background information to contextualise the topic, if needed (e.g. definitions, local context); d) Text preview: Briefly explain how the paper is organised. 2. Method: How did you search for your sources? Which criteria did you use in the selection of sources? What kind of source was included/excluded? 3. Body: Containing your summative, comparative, and evaluative discussion of your sources. Remember that the logical connections and your stance must be clear to your reader. This section may include subsections, if needed. 4. Conclusion: a) Summarise the major ideas discussed in the body; b) Identify a gap in the existing knowledge and point at directions for future research. 5. Reference list (following APA). In addition to the attached articles, there is the Norwegian English subject curriculum, the book: The Literature Review by Ridley, and two sample literature review papers from the Swedish Teacher Trainee programme which can be used as guidance. However, please note that these samples are significantly longer than the paper you are writing, but the genre and the subject area (English language teaching/learning) are the same.

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