How does contemporary ALs compare to the previously practiced traditions of Islamic teaching in Saudi Arabia?

Posted: March 17th, 2022

My Research aims to: 1. A definition and categorization/map of Academic literacies skills (listed) based on the diamond and their sub-skill. 2. Model for implementing Academic literacies in education based on the analysis and the observation. – (Narrative/critical literature review) – Definition and background/shifts/major writers etc. 5000-word total. Focuses on last 5 years only 2016 onwards this date vision 2030 has been published. – My research is Non-linguistic skills My questions: – What are Academic Literacies (ALs)? How has the definition changed and become more complex over the last 20 years? [such as singular/ plural and unified definition] – Who are the main writers?( Gee, Wingate, Green, Gibbon, Picard, Lea and street..ect) – How does Wingate fill the gap of what Lea and Street have done in academic literacies? Most recently( Green, 2020)_ Looking at Oman case study in relation to other people (Gibben, 2009) her book English Learners, Academic Literacy, and Thinking: Learning in the Challenge Zone in ration to Saudi context. – What are the trends and shifts of ALs over the last 20 years? – Why do we have this sort of urge to focus on ALs? (Globally including Saudi Arabia. ) – I looked at this article which investigate what Saudi vision 2030 want to achieve and what the problems such as teacher voice and agency [Allmnakrah, A., & Evers, C. (2020). The need for a fundamental shift in the Saudi education system: Implementing the Saudi Arabian economic vision 2030. Research in Education, 106(1), 22-40.] – How does contemporary ALs compare to the previously practiced traditions of Islamic teaching in Saudi Arabia? – How does ALs correspond with some recent government documents like Saudi Vison 2030, and why those changes are taking place? 1. Academic literacies: (2500 words) ? This is a journal article my supervisor recommended me to understand the concept of Academic language and learning ? She recommended to use Academic literacies (ALs) and Academic language and learning. ? These 3 articles show the history and the problems attached with ALs, starting from this seminal paper [Lea, M. R., & Street, B. V. (1998). Student writing in higher education: An academic literacies approach. Studies in higher education, 23(2), 157-172.] here Lea and street identified the idea of ALs and this concept mainly arguing against the “deficit” conceptualization of non-traditional student (here they means the international students and might also include the refugee) this team also acts as a distinguish term inequalities between white and black especially in education where the former has access to knowledge and skills as well as opportunities. 2. Models of Academic literacies in EFL/ESP/EGP classroom (2500 words) What are the models used in saudi or/and gulf countries or other countries similar to Saudi to develop the ALs in their English classroom or disciplinary context? The first of these is the study skills model, the academic socialisation model, and the encompassing academic literacy model. ? This model has to be reviewed in depth because it going to be included in the analysis of EGP/EFL/ESP Saudi female teachers. (How exactly we are going to look at the data using this article?). ? This article has to be in cluded discussed and criticize the model [Lillis, T., & Scott, M. (2007). Defining academic literacies research: Issues of epistemology, ideology and strategy. Journal of applied linguistics, 4(1), 5-32.] ? There is to be included also this article [Baker, S., Field, C., Saintilan, N., & Lee, J. S. (2021). ? According to the Research Questions: ? How has the development of academic literacies in ELC classrooms in higher education at two western Saudi Universities been mediated by the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030? * In what ways do female teachers’ current perceptions and pedagogical practices at two western Saudi Universities indicate that systematic development of academic literacies is required to achieve Vision 2030? * What are the ongoing educational implications of Vision 2030 in relation to the purpose, implementation and contradictions of developing academic literacies at two western Saudi Universities?

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