How the company is planning to revise or refine its approach to sustainability marketing and communication in line with its overall business strategy.

Posted: March 21st, 2022

Assignment for Sustainability Leadership course (Max 400 words): Your case study company’s marketing department has enlisted your help to write a blog post to respond as an industry and a company against the accusation that it attempts to “cover up the company’s true impacts and is claiming much more than it actually does in terms of its performance on environmental and social issues”. This is often referred to as greenwashing. This means there is a gap between their marketing “spin” and the company’s sustainability performance. In other words, the industry – and by implication the company – is accused of claiming that it is environmentally-friendly through its public relations messaging; however, the company’s actual sustainability performance does not match its claim. In your blog post, use the information provided about the company in the case study, as well as your own research about the industry and other relevant references, to highlight the following: • Areas where improvement is necessary within the industry’s approach to sustainability marketing and communication, such as where the industry has failed to be sufficiently honest or transparent in its claims. (Note: although the case study is fictitious, you can look for real examples of this behaviour in the industry.) • How the company plans to create benefits by increased transparency in its external communication and marketing. • How the company is planning to revise or refine its approach to sustainability marketing and communication in line with its overall business strategy. Use your creative license to recommend one or two ideas on how to communicate better with your stakeholders on sustainability. The practical examples you select from the case study and other reputable sources should focus on the company’s particular sector to support your answer. You will be assessed on your ability to develop a creative response using the appropriate tone of voice for the external audience you have identified. Make sure you think about your external audience when writing about the company’s activities Although your response should consider practical solutions and examples, the focus of this exercise is on how your company communicates about its sustainability activities and credentials, not how it performs on sustainability. One of the challenges of communicating about complex sustainability-related topics is how to do this with integrity, yet in a way that is easy to understand. You must focus on how your company is going to be more transparent in its communication about its sustainability activities, not what the company’s sustainability strategy, activities or performance already are. The text for your blog post – written in this document – should not exceed the word limit. You are encouraged to use sub-headings to divide the text to improve readability The total word count is 400, and please see attached document for a rubric on what is expected in the assignment.

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