How would the experiment yield data or information that would allow Michael and his team to choose between alternatives?

Posted: March 22nd, 2022

This individual case analysis offers you an opportunity to build on the frameworks and materials from the first half of Entrepreneurial Strategy to conduct an entrepreneurial strategy assessment of RapidSOS and develop recommendations for how it can enhance its chances of establishing and sustaining competitive advantage. As described in the questions below, your memo should cover four broad topics: (Q1) conducting a comparison between two potential entrepreneurial strategies that RapidSOS could pursue (as of early December 2015); (Q2) proposing an experiment that would allow RapidSOS to gather information to select among these alternatives; (Q3) a recommendation as to which strategy you would recommend given your current information and why and (Q4) a recommendation as to how to respond to the potential opportunity with Big Mobile given your overall analysis and recommendations. Case Questions: Q1. Comparing Alternative Entrepreneurial Strategies. Consider the future of RapidSOS in December 2015 (i.e., see “Full Speed Ahead…In What Direction? on pp. 7-9) Consider (but do not be constrained by) the different alternatives Michael and his team were facing and propose two distinct entrepreneurial strategies that RapidSOS might pursue. Compare and contrast how these strategies would differ in terms of the Four Choices (customer, technology, identity, competition). Provide at least one concrete example of why RapidSOS has to choose among alternatives, rather than being able to “do it all.” Q2. Testing and Choosing an Entrepreneurial Strategy. Considering the alternatives that you have evaluated in Q1, can you propose an experiment or test that would allow Michael to choose between the alternative strategies that you have described? How would the experiment yield data or information that would allow Michael and his team to choose between alternatives? Are there any risks in running the experiment (in terms of relationships with potential customers or partners, in terms of reputation, etc) on the future of RapidSOS? Q3. Choosing an Entrepreneurial Strategy. Given the information you have right now, which strategy would you recommend and why? What concrete steps would you take to implement your proposed strategy? Q4. Putting Strategy to Work: The Big Mobile Opportunity. Consider the opportunity with Big Mobile (see “An Unexpected Development” on p. 10). Given your analysis and recommendation so far, how would you approach an opportunity for a partnership with a leading company that might allow the Haven App and One Touch 911 to be scaled rapidly to a broad market?

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