• Identify a social justice campaign that interests you.

Posted: March 17th, 2022

• Identify a social justice campaign that interests you. You might choose a commercial you see on TV, a website, an ad in a magazine or any other campaign designed to raise awareness of a social justice or mental health issue. • Research the social justice/mental health campaign you chose. Look to see what people are saying or did say about this campaign. Searing for a video about it on YouTube will give you a good idea of what people thought about this campaign. You may also find some evaluations/analyses of the campaign you chose. • Develop a 10-minute (maximum) presentation using Power Point that includes the following slides: o Title Slide: State the name of the campaign you chose and your name. o Slide 2: Share the name of the campaign and include a link to it on the Internet or, if it’s a print ad, you can include a picture of the ad on the slide. Describe why you chose this ad. o Slide 3: Describe what the ad or campaign is trying to do. What message is the creator trying to send? o Slide 4: What are people saying about the campaign? What do people like about it? What do people not like about it? o Slide 5: What are your thoughts about the campaign? Do you think it’s effective? Why or why not? What could make it more effective? • You should include a brief narration for each slide (no longer than 3 minutes). Do not just read from your slides. Use bullet points on your slides and elaborate using your narration. ( For this just write what I need to narrate since it needs to be my voice).

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