Identify and describe the moral, legal, and ethical obligations • Identify and describe the moral, legal, and ethical dilemmas and consequences

Posted: March 14th, 2022

Crisis counselors respond to a crisis state experienced by a whole community following a natural disaster such as a hurricane or an incidence of terrorism in much the same way as they intervene with individuals in crisis. It is important to rapidly establish a helping relationship, to assess safety and to provide the sufferer with some immediate psychological relief. Disasters, natural or caused by humans, bring chaos in their wakes, usually disrupting or bringing the activities of daily living to a halt. As a first step, the crisis counselors need to create some order out of the chaos by providing opportunities to resume the daily activities of living, however they may appear, and help clients to identify and mobilize the strengths that moved them past tough times in the past. This order may enable individuals and the community to regain some stability and homeostasis, even when life may feel out of control. Please review the attached as an example of a disaster entitled “The True Scope of the Disaster in Puerto Rico” (2018, by Vann R. Newkirk II). Also, explore the many clips of hurricane disasters in the Carolinas and in Florida. Another example is Helping Children with Disabilities Cope with Disaster and Traumatic Events See the online sources for more information. Please also review James and Gilliland, page 587, figure 17.1 go into depth about the systems which need to be considered when addressing crises. Think of a natural disaster, like the Mount Fuego eruption in Guatemala, or the Mount Kilauea earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, or the North East United States cyclone in May 2018, or perhaps the 2017 Hurricane Maria; the current situation in Puerto Rico or perhaps the hurricanes in the Carolina’s and in Florida or any other current natural disaster. It’s important to critically know how to assist and to know how to help each other in crises. We learned about the Good Samaritan law. Now watch the video entitled “Why the only future worth building includes everyone” (2017, 17 minutes, captioned) in which Pope Francis addresses the Good Samaritan story and considers putting people over profit and products. After you watch this talk: • Select a disaster and briefly describe the disaster (type, date, location, impact to the people). • Provide the URL for the example for the disaster. • Consider the specific skills or skill-sets and attitudes needed by crisis counselors who serve people and groups who encounter a disaster and its aftermath. • Identify and articulate the short and long term moral, legal, and ethical obligations, and dilemmas for the crisis counselors and their organizations that arise from responding to a crisis. Cite the readings to support the content of your discussions. Since this is a peer review discussion, you review each other’s work. Post part or the entire discussion requirements. You and your colleagues will evaluate each others’ work using the following categories below. Incorporate the recommendations into your written assignment, then submit it in the written assignment area. Please share with each other what might be helpful to more fully address the requirements. • Skills required are clearly articulated • Attitudes required are also clearly articulated • Identify and describe the moral, legal, and ethical obligations • Identify and describe the moral, legal, and ethical dilemmas and consequences • Recommendations given the specific crises. If you have the information, compare how the crises responders intervened with your recommendations. Please note that this information may not be available. • Written communication is clear, well organized and addresses the discussion questions. • Grammar, spelling, capitalization, and presentation of content (how it looks) is well organized and clear. • Sources are used to support the work (in-text citations and end of document references)

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