Identify multiple instruments/measures (at least two) by which each program-level outcome can be evaluated

Posted: March 17th, 2022

This assignment serves as an initial draft of Part III of your Signature Assignment in this course. Your instructor will provide you with feedback and you will address the feedback and incorporate revisions and improvements as needed for future assignments, including the submission of your Signature Assignment in Week 8. This assignment requires you to build from Part I and II from prior weeks and complete the next steps of proposing a new degree program at a higher education institution. The focus of Part III is to create a program evaluation plan for continuous improvement for your new degree program to describe how the quality of the program will be monitored and evaluated. Consult the readings and resources for this week and conduct your own research as needed. You will use the template located in this week’s resources to complete this assignment. The template includes the following requirements: List the institutional mission/goals/values/outcomes you already identified in Week 2, and then, list them in the first column. Develop and list six (6) program level outcomes. These outcomes should address the four levels of the NWKM. Be sure these PLOS are SMART. Identify multiple instruments/measures (at least two) by which each program-level outcome can be evaluated. To begin, consider the following: Summarize any required testing, certification, or licenses that graduates of your new program will need in order to practice in their career field and list and align them, as appropriate, with the program-level outcomes. Summarize capstone projects, internships, practicums, research, theses, dissertations, etc. as possible measures. Describe, as appropriate, measures for determining accomplishments of alumni of the program regarding employment, career advancement, advanced education, publications/research, achievements, and honors. Include measures of satisfaction of the program by graduates. Remember that one instrument/measure might be able to gather data for more than one outcome. For example, an alumni survey or an employer survey might gather data for both Level 3 and Level 4 outcomes. Provide a brief description (1 paragraph each) of each instrument/measure. Include details such as if it will serve as a formative or summative evaluation, whether it will use a quantitative or qualitative method. Note when and how often the data will be collected (e.g., every semester, annually, every 2 years). Closing the Loop: For each PLO, identify and describe (1 paragraph each) one or more aspects of the program that can be informed by each measure being implemented (e.g., results might inform potential gaps in coursework or the need for improved career/employment services) and provide a summary of how might the data be used to target areas of the program for continuous improvement. In addition to the elements you have described above, summarize your program evaluation plan by completing the table using the template provided in this week’s resources. Place each program-level outcome in the first column of the table and identify which ILO(s) it is aligned with and best achieves. Determine the level of outcome using the New World Kirkpatrick Model. Include at least 1 PLO at each level. Place the title of each measure in the table in alignment with the PLO it will measure. Fill in the table according to the type and method of evaluation. Note when and how often the data will be collected in the appropriate column. Complete the close of the loop column with a brief indicator of what aspect of the program the PLO instrument/measure results will inform. Sample Table SMARTPLOs ILOs NWKM Level Instrument or Measure (Include Required Testing, Certification or Licensure) Type and Method of Evaluation (Formative/Summative & Quantitative/Qualitative) When/ How often Closing the loop Length: 4-5 pages, plus completed table References: Include a minimum of 3 sources used to determine program outcomes or instruments or measures.

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