Identify the type(s) of luminaire used? What areas are under lighted?

Posted: March 17th, 2022

After reading through chapter 11, complete the following assignment. Keep in mind the various types of lighting discussed and use them where you can for light layering in your spaces.  Recessed, wall grazing, cove type lighting etc., enhance your space with new lighting.
It is very important that you evaluate any space for lighting. One thing the book has made obvious is that layered lighting should be developed in most spaces. Even the mot beautiful, well designed, fully appointed space will fail if it isn’t properly lighted. Because most of us live in under lighted spaces, this is a skill you need to practice in order to truly develop. Recognizing the concepts of down lighting, wall grazing and the numerous types of lighting to bring to work in the space is most important. Determining cool and warm light – types of lamps(bulbs) follows. First, you must identify what needs lighting.
Take a photograph of your living space(family room or living room) and a photograph of your bathroom, both showing the lighting in the room. (10points)
Sketch each space in ‘plan’ view showing the current lighting plan. Access the lighting. Does it provide general lighting? Does it provide task lighting? Identify the type(s) of luminaire used? What areas are under lighted? Is any thing or area over lighted-why, what is the cause? (25 points)
Develop a preliminary lighting ‘plan’ view for each space that creates optimal lighting.  List at least two solutions that include task and general lighting. Identify the type(s) of luminaires you can add for better task and general lighting. (40 points)
Add photos of luminaires you recommend for each space. Describe how the new luminaires complete the space and change the room aesthetic. (25 points)
Your plan is expected to correct problem areas. Don’t think about the expense, just correct the lighting plan.

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