Is there consistency between the stated and actual philosophy? How?

Posted: March 23rd, 2022

I would like this paper to be written on the AEPS EDUU 688: Curriculum in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum Critique (50 points) Assignment description: As a practitioner in EI/ECSE, you have an ethical responsibility to select curricula that have evidence supporting their use, including evidence of reliability and validity. Additionally, you have valid decisions about young children based on a variety of data including assessment results. Valid decisions are therefore dependent on the use of assessment responsibility to select curricula that meets the expectations for recommended practice according to DEC and Developmentally Appropriate Practice as described by NAEYC. In this assignment, you will critically evaluate the evidence supporting a curriculum that is commonly used in EI/ECSE settings. Criteria for selection: You must select a curriculum that is used in Early Childhood Programs. Examples include but are not limited to: ? Assessment and Evaluation Programming System Curriculum (AEPS) (Infant –Toddler or 3-5) ? The Carolina Curriculum (Infant –Toddler or 3-5) ? Teaching Strategies (Previously the Creative Curriculum) (Infant –Toddler or 3-5) ? California State Curricular Framework and Learning Foundations (Infant –Toddler or 3-5) ? The DRDP is an assessment, not a curriculum therefore not appropriate for this assignment Resources: You must have at a minimum 4 resources. ? The first must be the User’s Manual from the tool itself. ? One additional source may be from the authors of the tool but not the user’s guide. They may be articles in peer reviewed journals or papers presented at professional meetings or conferences. ? Additional resources can be an external curriculum reviews. Suggestions for finding reviews are textbooks, reviews in professional journals, professional organizations such as California First-5, The American Psychological Association, Zero-to-Three, Head Start and various states departments of education. ? DEC recommended Practices (Either the practices themselves or position statements) ? NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practices or position statements You may use a checklist for evaluating curriculum (see handouts from week 2 on program evaluation) but please structure your paper as follows, using the recommended headings: Introduction: APA citation for the curriculum, domain/s covered, cost, recommended training required for use, purpose, administration and procedures, targeted population, requirements for use (e.g. forms, software, materials). Underlying philosophy: What is the underlying philosophical orientation of the curriculum (Behavioral, Developmental? Constructivist?, Maturational?). Is there consistency between the stated and actual philosophy? How? (Provide specific examples). Evidence for use: Is this an evidence based curriculum? What is the basis for evidence? Discuss the validity, reliability, issues of fidelity. What research has been conducted on the curriculum? Part of evidence is the link to an assessment. Does the curriculum link to data collection or on-going progress monitoring? Discuss how linking to an assessment supports evidence for use. Appropriateness with young children: Does the curriculum conform to DEC recommended Practices and NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practices for children with special needs? Give specific examples and NAEYC guidelines and position papers. You may want to use one of the checklists provided in the course materials to make sure you cover all your bases. Evaluation: Based upon your findings and review, do you believe that the curriculum should be used with young children? Why or why not. Support your decision with specific examples. If you are qualifying your response, be specific as to why you are recommending what you are recommending. The paper should be written in APA format and contain the following elements: ? Title Page ? Academic English (no jargon, grammatically correct, concise) ? Person first language ? Level 1 section headings ? APA formatted in-text citations ? APA formatted reference List that contains only those sources that were cited in the paper. SEE RUBRIC ON THE NEXT PAGE Rubric: (Writing issues such as incorrect citations, grammatical errors, etc. will be deducted per section) Criteria and total points available MasteryDescribes the expectations for full points. Comments Introduction 10 points All elements from the assignment description are fully explained so that the reader has a clear understanding of the curriculum. The information is supported by authority (at least 1 source). Language is original, professional, and academic but without jargon. APA formatted (Title page is included in intro) Philosophy 10 points The specific philosophy/ies is/are named and described. Specific examples from the curriculum are used to support the assertions as explained in the assignment description. The information is supported by authority (at least 2 citations). Language is original, professional and academic but without jargon. APA formatted. Evidence for use 10 points Evidence is presented from the literature that supports or refutes the use of the curriculum per the assignment description. The information is supported by authority (there are at least 2 sources). Language is written in own words, professional, academic and conveys deep understanding of evidence based practice and the role of assessment in evaluating curriculum. APA Appropriate for use with young children. 10 points Appropriateness is fully explained per the assignment description. There are specific examples comparing the curriculum to both DEC and NAEYC statements. Checklists may be used. The information is supported by authority (there are at least 2 sources). Language is APA, written in own words, professional and conveys deep understanding of both DEC recommended practices and NAEYC Developmentally Appropriate Practices. Evaluation 10 points A clear-cut recommendation is made regarding use of the curriculum. Justification for the recommendation is provided by using examples and linking to recommendations. The information is supported by authority (there are at least 2 sources). Language is written in own words, professional, Academic and conveys deep understanding of the role that interventionists play in selecting and implementing curricula. APA formatted Total Points and overall comments

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