Learn what the leaders admire value in their leadership philosophies. Would you use any of their goals, methods, or processes in your leadership philosophy?

Posted: February 25th, 2022

Leadership Philosophy Statement Assignment Guidelines For this assignment, you will write a personal Leadership Philosophy Statement. This statement includes the beliefs, principles, and views you use to lead. In short, it is the guide you use to react to and with people, events, and situations. It includes your approach to communicating, providing guidance, and making decisions. When someone reads your philosophy, it will give them an understanding of who you are as a leader. The Purpose of the Assignment The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect and share what you have learned this semester about leadership, your role as a leader, and what it takes to be a successful leader. At this point, this is a working document as your experience as leader may be limited to academia and or just this class. That’s okay. I really want to see how your perception, perspective, and approach as a leader have evolved based on the readings, activities, assignments, and your research this semester. Writing Guidelines Write a 500 – 600 word, single-spaced, statement of your philosophy, values, and examples of how you lead. Remember to divide the statement into paragraphs with an extra space between paragraphs. Include references to what you have learned about being a transformative leader by way of in-text citations and a works cited (at the end of the document). Your statement should include: Your purpose as a leader. Why would anyone want to be led by you? Your role model(s). Who are they? What did you learn from them? Your inspiration. Who or what inspired you? What are events events in your life shaped your beliefs about leadership? What you know to be true about exceptional leaders. What do you believe about leading and motivating people? What values and principles are reflected in your plans, decisions, and actions when leading others? What people can expect from you. What are your intentions and commitments? How do you set an example? What you expect from people you work with. Before you begin writing, consider the following (taken from Indeed.com’s career advice section): Reflect on what you’ve learned about transformative leadership. Has your leadership style evolved as result of what you have learned? What is your leadership style? What can others expect of you? Identify role models. Learn what the leaders admire value in their leadership philosophies. Would you use any of their goals, methods, or processes in your leadership philosophy? Determine your goals. Know your goals as a leader before writing your leadership philosophy so that everything you can connect your gals to your achievements or plans for success. Reflect on your past experiences in leadership roles or participatory group roles and use what you have learned as well as what you respect in leaders to help form your own leadership identity. Ask yourself questions about what you believe in and what to expect from your group/team members to help establish your leadership identity. Talk with your Zoom group and ask them for input on how you lead them through creating the empathy map. Consider an anonymous survey asking what they like about your leadership style and what you could improve to help you shape a successful philosophy. Make your statement actionable. Make sure your philosophy will help guide your daily actions and decision-making. Keep the language clear and actionable. Feel free to do your own research to learn what else you should consider as your write your statement.

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