Make sure your paper is?double-spaced?and that the?Before?and?After?boxes both read 0 (go to?Paragraph?and then look under?

Posted: February 25th, 2022

Assessment Type Annotated Bibliography Learning Outcomes e) Demonstrate skills in critical analysis, reasoning and argument about the character and role of human rights, professional practice and ethics in contemporary and future society and practice. Length 500 words (+/-10%) Step 1: Read Assessment 1 part B in the Unit Outline. – Step 2: Pick one current policy that pertains to diverse and/or marginalised people from the list (provided by the Unit Coordinator). – Step 3: Select two other sources (peer reviewed and/or grey literature) that directly or indirectly support your chosen policy. – Step 4: Write an annotated bibliography comprising the policy and the two additional sources (annotated bibliography contains three sources in total). – Step 5: Ensure the formatting and referencing style adheres to the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition conventions. Each reference (policy and two additional sources) should include the below components: APA 7th full reference of the source Describe the source. For example, what is it about, what is the presenting issue/problem – (you decide what is the most important message you want to convey to the reader) The method of analysis (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods) if available. If not available, write about how the source was formulated/developed (e.g., the origins of it, how was data collected to inform the policy/source). Key ideas/conclusion/recommendations. Relevance and usefulness of the source to diverse and / or marginalised people / Assessment 1 part B. You are required to write an annotated bibliography discussing the above components for each source: Policy – 165 words approximately. Source 1 – 165 words approximately. Source 2 – 165 words approximately. Basic APA document formatting Set the margins of your paper to be?2.54cm/1 inch?on all sides (go to?Margins?under?Page Layout) Use the font?Times New Roman The font size should be?12 point. Make sure your paper is?double-spaced?and that the?Before?and?After?boxes both read 0 (go to?Paragraph?and then look under?Spacing.) You text should be?aligned left?(also go to?Paragraph?and look under?General.) Indent the first line of paragraphs 1.27cm/0.5 inch from the left margin. (Use?Tab?key). An annotated bibliography provides information about the variety of research available for a particular topic. It will usually contain a list of sources (in APA style) with short summaries of each source below. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to help you as the writer gain an understanding of the literature available for a particular topic. Content Annotated bibliographies generally contain the full referencing details, followed by a summary paragraph of what the reference is about. Check the marking criteria for other information you may need to include. Generally you are not required to give all the details of the source, only the most significant details. Structure Annotated bibliographies begin with the full reference for the source, followed by a paragraph (or more depending on your instructions) that describes and/or evaluates the source. You could be asked to write about a variety of things about the source. Some examples might be: • Summary of the resource and what it was about • How this source fits in to the larger body of research in this area • Identifying research methods/key theories/concepts/arguments • Evaluating the quality of the source. The bibliography should be structured in alphabetical order. Style Annotated bibliographies are written in a formal academic style, and are usually in 3rd person. Annotated bibliographies also: • use full sentences (avoid dot points) • use transition words between ideas • don’t repeat the title in your summary, as it is already given in the citation

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