Need a paper that details the following regarding Amazon Web Services. This is p

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Need a paper that details the following regarding Amazon Web Services. This is part of a group project that consists of multiple parts, so no intro or conclusion is necessary. I will provide rubric and additional documents upon acceptance. The following is required: • Value-chain analysis: here you identify and discuss the primary and support activities. Also, you identify the activity or activities which are considered the center of gravity by the company. • Resource-based view: here, identify and discuss the resources and capabilities of the company. Conduct the VRIO analysis to identify core competencies. If appropriate, discuss intellectual capital and/or organizational culture of the firm. • SWOT analysis: here you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. • Company strategy: here, you discuss business-level strategies and corporate-level strategies employed by the firm. For each strategy, develop a response to such questions as ‘does it make sense in light of the industry, competition, and/or firm resources/capabilities?’, ‘why or why not?’, ‘how well has current strategy been executed?’, ‘has it been successful (financial performance and/or balanced scorecards)?’ • Implications: here, synthesize insights from each part in this section and discuss implications. For example, you can discuss results of your SWOT analysis as they relate to the company strategy.

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