Overview In this final assessment, you will create a personal leadership develop

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Overview In this final assessment, you will create a personal leadership development plan that builds on your understanding of the theory and practice of effective leadership in the age of digital disruption developed throughout the course and assessments 1 and 2. You will reflect on your own personal strengths and challenging areas to create a plan to manage yourself towards improved leadership practice that reflects best-practice approaches as evidenced by the literature. To succeed with this assessment, you need to apply contemporary business leadership theories and concepts in the digital age to the development of your own leadership capacities. Assessment criteria and weighting • Synthesise evidence from a wide variety of sources to create a practical and comprehensive personal development plan (10 pts) • Develop a comprehensive and insightful overview of your personal and professional profile, workplace ambitions and goals that inform your development plan (10 pts) • Create a clear and practical plan of action for your professional development as a leader that is explained/argued for by making use of key learnings from this course and addresses underlying reasons that have previously limited your development as a leader (25 pts) • Formulate a comprehensive, concise, coherent and convincing plan in line with academic writing requirements (5pts) Assessment details Introduction In this assessment you will design a personal and professional leadership development plan that explains the actions you should take to become a better leader in the digital age, given your identified leadership development needs and your understanding of contemporary business leadership theories and concepts in the digital age. Instructions You are required to develop a clear plan for your own professional development as a leader that is supported by making use of landmark readings covered in this course plus additional complementary research. Your report must include these key components: • a discussion of your workplace goals and ambitions • personal and professional profile of leadership strengths and weaknesses • an analysis of the key theories and evidence that supports your assessment of strengths and weaknesses • a feasible and actionable plan, justified by evidence from literature, that details how you will develop your leadership capabilities to achieve your aspirations (this should be the focus and comprise approximately 50 per cent of the development plan) The plan should take account of development needs that have been clearly identified in a personal and professional profile of strengths and weaknesses based on a comparison between what you have learnt in this course concerning the processes and skills best suited to effective leadership in the age of digital disruption and what you know about your current leadership capabilities. You will have opportunity to complete tasks that help you develop your professional development ideas. These are included to ensure that you are well prepared, have a thorough understanding of the requirements, and are given the opportunity to receive feedback from your peers and instructor that will only help you to develop a high-quality plan. Format You are encouraged to be creative with the format and consider a format that reflects your personal goals and will support enacting the plan after the course. We will explore the different formats that this type of plan can take in Week 6. Ensure that the format you choose allows you to adequately integrate the components listed in the instructions above. A template has been made available to support you. You can download it via the Canvas page.

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