Personal Leadership Paper : The goal of this assignment is to apply what you lea

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Personal Leadership Paper : The goal of this assignment is to apply what you learned about the position/profession of your interviewee to your future career plans. Write a 5 to 6-page paper (single-spaced or 1.15 spacing), in complete sentence and full paragraph form. Please use headings in your paper (hint: use the rubric line items as your paper’s headings). Your paper will include these parts: 1. Introduction: a. One paragraph: describe the person you interviewed, his/her qualifications (include education) and experience, and how you identified this person to interview. b. One paragraph: describe the attractive side of this profession, why are you interested in this career, what additional information have you learned that makes this career attractive. c. One or two paragraphs: Summarize characteristics, traits, KSAs, education, etc. that lead to success in this career. Relate the interview to leadership and OB theories discussed in class. d. One paragraph: identify factors that make this career challenging. Identify characteristics that make someone more likely to be successful in that field (in the face of these challenges). 2. With detail, reflect on your own personal characteristics (strengths/weaknesses) with respect to points in #1 above. a. Use insights that you learned in class from: i. The various chapters/lectures, ii. The personal assessments completed in your Connect assignments iii. MBTI & Big 5 assignment iv. Motivation – what motivates your interviewee in their current position? Does it match your motivational needs? How does the job match your motivational needs? v. Assessments/papers, each of the chapters in the textbook (such as, communication, leadership, job satisfaction, etc.), and discussed in class. b. How will you resolve any of your possible shortcoming or limitations in any of the above items? c. Incorporate the answers from your completed LIP questionnaire d. Two-three paragraphs: what personal characteristics and attributes do you possess that make this a good career choice for you? e. What educational and other experiences do you possess that make this a good career? f. What specific factors, both personal (your attributes, education & experiences) and profession related (job duties, pay, work environment, etc.) make it a less than good fit for you? i. What/how will you overcome these factors? g. One paragraph: based on what you know now, would you to choose this career? Explain h. What else did you learn in the interview that is relevant, significant, or of particular interest? 3. Conclusion. a. Hint: make it interesting and insightful, so I want to read it.

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