Posted: March 17th, 2022

For this homework assignment, you need to analyze a video game that you have played for the purpose of the assignment.
Choose the game carefully – you should play for at least an hour to get a good understanding of the game. You can use the game you wrote about in your gameplay log or you can choose a different game. You do need to play the game and use your direct observations from your own gameplay to help you answer the questions. The writing should show clear thinking in complete sentences (unless otherwise instructed, i.e. lists) and the purpose is to inform, explain, and describe.
You should refer to the assigned readings and your notes from the lectures in answering the questions, but you will be evaluated on applying these concepts to the particulars of your game in your own words.
You may include small screenshots from your gameplay session to help answer questions, but they must be properly cited as originating in the game. You may not use screenshots taken by other people and downloaded from the internet.
Please answer all of the following questions separately. Include the question number and question title between your answers to make evaluation easier. You don’t need to copy the entire question to your assignment. The bolded words are our question title suggestion as well as an indication of what is important.
Important Note: You can not complete this assignment using the game Life is Strange, Sunny Day Sky, Fortnite, Clicker Heroes, Tetris, Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Prince of Persia, Learn 2 Fly, Shell Shockers, Cookie Clicker, The Binding of Isaac, Fallout Shelter, Pokémon Go, Wolf Among Us, Nier Automata, Counter-Strike, Civilization, The Legend of Zelda, Battlefield, Minecraft, Skyrim, Detroit Become Human. Digital versions of board games are not acceptable (i.e. playing the digital version of Chess, Monopoly, etc.)
The questions:
Physical Interface
1.1 Interface Description (Describe the physical interface you used to play this game. )
1.2 Interface Efficiency (Is this physical interface the most effective for playing this game? Explain why or why not.)
Game Types
2.1 Game Type(s) (Using Lindsay Grace’s game types, identify what “type(s) of game” the game you played is. )
2.2 Game Type Conventions (How does the game follow or break the conventions of that game type? )
Casual Game Elements
3.1 Casual Factor 1 (Apply one of Juul’s five factors that define casual game design to the game you have chosen. Does this factor accurately describe your game? )
3.2 Casual Factor 2 (Apply another one of Juul’s five factors that define casual game design to the game you have chosen. Does this factor accurately describe your game?)
3.3 Casual Game Analysis (Considering the two factors you provided above, is the game you’re analyzing a casual game or not? )
Chance and Skill
As Schell describes game mechanics, all games strike a balance between chance and skill.
4.1 Chance (Give an example, from your gameplay, of how chance determines game outcomes (If there are no chance elements, explain))
4.2 Skill (Give an example, from your gameplay, of how skill (be specific on what kind) determines game outcomes (If there are no skill elements, explain))
4.3 Chance and Skill Balance (Do you feel that the game has found the right balance between these elements? Explain why or why not.)
Player Agency
5.1 Player Agency Definition (In your own words, define the term player agency. )
5.2 Player Agency Experience (Describe the “player agency” you experienced in your playthrough of the game. )
5.3 Choice (Does the game have enough choice to give the players a feeling of agency? )
Game Business
6.1 Business Model
6.1.1 Value Delivery (Distribution Channels)
6.1.2 Value Capture (Revenue Model (Pay to Play or Free to Play), In-App Purchases/Advertisements, Merchandise)
6.2 Marketing (What steps did the game design and marketing teams take in order to optimize the game’s profitability?) For this homework assignment, you need to analyze a video game that you have pla
For this question search how the company marketed the game before and after it was released, how did it capture users to purchase their game and/or what did it do to maintain users playing their games for months/years, is there merchandise or other entertainment mediums around the game to increase sales, etc.?
Narrative, Audio, and Visual
7.1 Narrative Summary (What is the game’s story? Remember that even the most abstract games have a story that can be inferred if there really isn’t one explain.)
7.2 Narrative Structure (Analyze the narrative structure. Remember that even the most abstract games have a story that can be inferred if there really isn’t one explain.)
7.2.2 Conflict (Internal or External)
7.2.3 Rising Action
7.2.4 Climax
7.3 Visual and Sound Design
7.3.1 Visual Design (How does the game’s visual design reinforce the game’s story? A couple of pictures from your gameplay would be useful in answering this question.)
7.3.2 Sound Design (How does the game’s sound design reinforce the game’s story?)
Cultural Artefact
Games don’t exist in isolation.
8.1 Cultural Artefact (Identify one specific cultural artifact (film, book, historical reference, etc.) that is similar in some way to the game you have chosen (they could share imagery/themes, context, story, etc.))
8.2 Similarity Example (Give one specific example of this similarity.)
Always use specific examples from your own playthrough of the game to explain your reasoning in your answers.
Note: Though you may play your game with other people if you wish to, this is an assignment to be done and submitted individually.
Submission Details:
In order to get a good grade on this assignment:
Format your answers as complete sentences (unless otherwise instructed, i.e. lists).
Use paragraphs to make your answers more readable.
Assignment Model
Use a model attached to help you structure your assignment
Make sure your writing is clear, succinct, and grammatically and orthographically correct
Provide the question number and title
Support your writing with descriptive examples from your actual gameplay experience. Your experience may be subjective, but you still need to provide specific examples as evidence.
Make sure your answer clearly answers the question asked and incorporates all aspects of the rubric
Make use of the technical terminology from class and the readings to reinforce your answers
Do some contextual research to better understand your game. Use this research to support your answers.
You must cite all sources (including the game itself) using IEEE Style.
Format Details
Assignment Length: roughly 3-5 pages (not including title page and references). We will not read or grade any of the document that goes beyond the end of the 5th page (not including title page, images, and references).
Use a legible font
Point Size: 11
Type: Helvetica
Line spacing: 1.1
File Format: PDF (preferred) or MS Word
Comments from Customer
Discipline: game

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