PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS Explore three different relati

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Explore three different relationships (with each relationship involving two variables) using correlation, calculated separately within each year.
In your memo (500 words maximum), explain why you chose to examine the relationships that you did and describe what implications could be derived from your findings. You are expected to submit your memo (word document) as well as your SPSS output file used to record your results (.spv).
Assignment Rubric (100 points total)
Clarity and organization of writing (25 points)
Spelling/grammatical errors
Format specifications (e.g., word limit)
Sensible structure (introduction, supporting points, concluding statements)
Sensible transitions
Description of findings (25 points)
Clear and accurate description of results
Description of implications and proposed future analyses (25 points)
Reasonable implications articulated
Reasonable proposal presented
Clarity of presented tables/figures (25 points)
Clear table/figure titles (if any)
Clear table column/row labels; clear axis labels for figures (if any)
Clear table/figure notes (if any)
All figures referenced clearly in memo (if any)

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