Please use the example (the attachment) for the paper Complete this assessment i

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Please use the example (the attachment) for the paper Complete this assessment in three steps: Propose a change to one aspect of your local or regional health care system or program that would improve outcomes. Conduct a comparative analysis of different health care systems, focusing on one aspect of the system you are proposing to change. Summarize your proposed change and the results of your comparative analysis in a report to executive leaders. The summary report requirements outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide for Proposing Evidence-Based Change, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. The Guiding Questions: Proposing Evidence-Based Change document provides additional considerations that may be helpful in completing your assessment. In addition, be sure to note the requirements below for document format and length and for citing supporting evidence. Identify an aspect of a local or regional health care system or program that should be a focus for change. Define desirable outcomes, including who will pay for care and factors limiting achievement of those outcomes. Analyze two non-U.S. health care systems or programs that offer insight into a proposed change for a health care system or program in the United States. Choose one of the following options for selecting the two systems or programs: Option 1: Select two systems at opposite ends of the scale in terms of desirable outcomes for the issue reflected in your proposed change. Option 2: Select two systems that both produce positive outcomes but take unique or innovative approaches to the problem. Compare the outcomes in each non-U.S. system with each other and with present outcomes in your local or regional health care system. Explain why specific changes will lead to improved outcomes. Determine the financial and health implications associated with the proposed changes. Address the implications of making the changes. Address the implications of not making the changes. Write clearly and concisely in a logically coherent and appropriate form and style. Support assertions, arguments, propositions, and conclusions with relevant and credible evidence. Document Format and Length Use the Summary Report Template. This APA Style Paper Tutorial [DOCX] can help you in writing and formatting your assessment. If you would like to use a different worksheet for your community health assessment, obtain prior approval from faculty. Your summary report should be 4–5 pages in length, not including the title page and references page. Be sure to apply correct APA formatting to all source citations and references. Supporting Evidence Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your comparative analysis.

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