Raya and the Last  Dragon Writing Prompt: Raya and the Dragon (2021) was the fir

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Raya and the Last  Dragon Writing Prompt:
Raya and the Dragon (2021) was the first SE Asian Princess in Disney’s lineup. Did she represent many things to many people such as the first SE Asian Princess or the first LGQ+ princess? Who are the SE Asian Story Trust and how did they come to make this story? Is Raya an LGBTQ+ figure or is that just an actress saying that? How did they come up with the story?
Answer: What does Raya represent in light of the history of marginalization of Asian American female actresses (see Anna May Wong actress forced roles “Dragon Lady “ or “Geisha Girl”, or “ Lotus Blossom). Is she an improvement or does she have the same tropes?
Address only ONE Topic A, B, C  following in the pap/er and answer if these are an “authentic” representation of SE Asian culture:
Using the # Atlanta Syllabus (U. Of Wisconsin) and OUR class readings like “Waves of War”. Make an argument on how Raya and the last Dragon fits or does not fit stereotypes of Asian American women. Found: https://asianamerican.wisc.edu/student-resources-2/atlantasyllabus/ (Links to an external site.)
[ You must quote 8 times from #Atlanta and 2 times from our class.]
Topic A:  How does Raya represent Asian/Asian American Women?
Histories of Immigration and Exclusion in Raya, Disease and Contagion, Asianizing the COVID-19 Pandemic, Racial Fetishism and the Hyper sexualization of Asian Women,  Media Representations of Asian American Women
Topic B: Raya is about SE Asia and SE Asia had many “Secret Wars” and long devastating imperialisms and colonialization of SE Asian. Please name all the different regimes of war in SE and correlate with Raya. Is there a correlation or not? Why are SE Asian atrocity invisible – even in the film?
Topic C: compare and contrast other Asian Disney Princesses such as Mulan, Moana and Raya and maybe that Lilo and Stitch female.
______2.5 – 3 Single-Spaced Pages.
______ Last Name on the top right-hand & page number right after (ie Smith 1)
______ Single space the pap/er (should be 2.5 pages-SINGLE SPACED do not go past 8 pages. Not including references)   
______ Full name, class identification, date, prof. name, (All on Line ONE)
(ie Mary Lamb, Anthro 03, 12/8/13, Prof. Banh)
______ Title (line TWO)
______THESIS (argument) (Line THREE)
_______5-10 Quotes from our Books, readings & connect to your pap/er
______  5-10 Quotes from Books, academic articles, Journals (No internet sources allowed except #Atlanta Syllabus, no wikipedia, Use JSTOR, Googlescholar, Lexius Nexius etc)
______12 pt & Times Roman or Ariel
______1 inch top, bottom, right, left margins     
______Bibliography Page (Chicago Style, no footnotes)
______Double-Side Print if you can
______Single line Print    (2.5 single spaced minimum pap/er)
_______If you quote twice in a row from the same author – use Ibid
Example:   (Chan 2012:10)   (Ibid  2012:11)
_______Bring a Hard copy in Front of Peter 256 to class & Upload in our Blackboard Page
_______Must have a Thesis argument with multivariate backing
_______Staple this pap/er to the back of your pap/er on last page.
______ 10% late fee per day late (no matter the excuse. No pap/er accepted after 2 week.)
Title Study: Your study must be about a selected aspect  _____? (line 2)
Thesis: what are you trying to prove or argue (line 3)
Abstract/Content of Study (one paragra/ph): who/ what/where/why and how are you studying this? Should be First Paragra/ph
Significance of Study (Paragra/ph 2): Why is your study worth doing?
Literature Review- describe major studies – show significance (Paragra/ph 3-4) this is where you bring in your 5 citations­
Literature Review/ HISTORY Context of Study. Where does your study fit into the existing scholarship on you & show the HISTORY of the item
Limits of Study: what did you not have a chance to study
Further Research: Would be your second connecting study
Reference: (Prefer Chicago Bib styles—look up how to cite on google scholar.

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