Reading the function documentation could be helpful for you to understand it better.(Do ?

Posted: March 19th, 2022

Learning Goal: I’m working on a r project and need a reference to help me learn.The data set (Demographic.txt) provides selected county demo-graphic information with 17 variables for 440 of the most populouscounties in the United States. Each line of the data set has an iden-tification number with a county name and state abbreviation andprovides information on 14 variables for a single county.the question is in the picture and another picture is the explaination of the variables in data setand here is some hint for the question 1. I have got some submissions and questions so far and I just want to remind you that we are doing a data analysis project instead of a coding problem. You should write up a formal project report with full sentenses and paraghraphs. For example, you analysis for exploratory data analysis should describe what you observed in statistical graphs and make some comments in term of the real-world context. Your conclusion should also be written in a similar wayAs for the format, we are enforceing pdf . doc or html for this project. The most convinient way is to knit your report inside Rstudio which will give you a pdf or html output with all your comments, analysis and codes. You can also wirte it in WORD but make sure you also provide your codes. R and RMD files will not be accepted, because we will not be able to run your code in our computers and if there a directory difference everything will collapse.2.Under MASS library, we have a function stepAIC() which could perform stepwise model selection. Reading the function documentation could be helpful for you to understand it better.(Do ? stepAIC in Rstudio) You can also see my short example below. The output of this function is just another linear model object, so all the methods we used to lm objects are still valid here.
Requirements: few sentences

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