. Remember we are looking for “alignment” and “transparency and justification of choices” – is the study “trustworthy?” (20)

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Purpose: To efficiently and effectively summarize the information presented in scholarly articles.
Task: Present concise but thorough summaries of the information presented in the three (3) scholarly articles related to a selected topic/issue.
Note: You aren’t just summarizing articles, but you aren’t making a formal argument, either. In other words, this is good practice in removing confirmation bias.
The basic components of a traditional literature review include:
complete APA (Links to an external site.) citation
a descriiption of the publication
a summary of the publication’s main points and purpose
a discussion of research methodology and gaps in research
a discussion of data source, data collection, and data analysis
an evaluation of the findings and future research questions
First, choose a topic that interests you from discussions or readings in the first weeks of class. For example, misinformation, credibility in online news sources, or the affect of social media on our brains.
Find 2 scholarly articles that address your topic, published within the last 2-3 years. Use the Auraria Library Databases (Links to an external site.) to find a scholarly article, and refer to Week 3 module for more Library resources.
Summarize the arguments and information being made in each of the three sources. Consider the author’s credibility, purpose, audience, credibility of research conducted, rationality and claims made, and the actual evidence presented.
Read the scholarly article carefully.
Fill out the table below.Format for theSimplified Literature Summary Review:
Task: For your article summary and critique, you’ll use the table below to provide answers to the prompts based on your reading of the first article you have chosen on your topic.
USE THIS CHART for your submission – NOT in APA style. I am interested in your ability to identify, summarize, and critique for quality the methods that are presented in the article.
Purpose: To efficiently and effectively summarize the information presented in a scholarly article.
Points: 100 for each article to equal 200 points for the Literature Summary Review assignment. You will be graded based on the accuracy of your answers according to the amount of points in each section.
Title of first scholarly article and author(s)___________________________________________
Instructions Responses
Complete formal APA 7 citation (5)
Is this a qualitative, quantitative study or both? Why? (10)
Summary of purpose and significance of study (10)
Summary of key elements of the theoretical or conceptual framework guiding how the researchers are thinking about this study (20)
Participants and sources of data (15)
Justification of their choices of how data are collected – for quant methods, their measures; for qual methods, their protocols (20)
Your critique of the quality of the methods (not the findings). Remember we are looking for “alignment” and “transparency and justification of choices” – is the study “trustworthy?” (20)

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