Select an operation (a process) with which you are familiar.

Posted: March 8th, 2022

Select an operation (a process) with which you are familiar. The process could be one from a past or current place of work, one that you are able to observe and collect data from. The organisational process SHOULD NOT be drawn from a published case study. 1. Apply the Hays and Wheelwright strategy framework to the organisation where your selected process sits. This will help you identify at which maturity stage the organisational process is in, and will help you identify changes that need to be made within organisational process to progress to the next stage. 2. Produce a detailed map of the current process, populated with appropriate data, with explanatory notes, and with a key to the symbols used. 3. Analyse the process for possible improvements, using operations management tools, techniques and frameworks. 4. Produce a ‘Future State Map’ of the redesign process, and provide recommendations for the implementation of the process redesign. 5. Critically discuss the benefits, qualitative and quantitative of your ‘improved’ process. Compare your observations of the organisation selected with the operations management literature. Examples of issues that might be discussed include the following themes: a. What does the process imprpvement mena to an organisation (Lean, Agile or Resilient)? b. What factors influence the future state? c. What mechanisms exits to ensure continuous improvement? d. Are these mechanisms adequate and if not, how could they be improved?

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