Select one of the writing prompts on page 3 and write a letter as indicated

Posted: March 8th, 2022

Select one of the writing prompts on page 3 and write a letter as indicated. Be sure to address every part of the writing prompt in your letter. Your letter should be 400-800 words long and will be graded according to how well you: Adhere to the context and purpose of your letter Tailor your letter to its audience (the recipient/s) Develop your ideas and convey meaning Use the appropriate level of formality Use letter-writing conventions Organize the content of your letter Use clear language that is free of errors (in grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling) Before you begin writing, take some time to organize your thoughts. Identify the main points you want to communicate, and make a plan for developing and connecting them. Be sure to stay within the given word count range for the task. Writing Prompts: Imagine that you have identified a problem or shortcoming in your local community. It could be related to public safety, services, neighborhood culture, schools, or something else. You believe you have a way to address it. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in which you explain the issue and propose your solution. Convince readers that the issue is legitimate and that your solution would be an effective and feasible way to address it. OR Imagine that you have identified an issue at your workplace; it may be related to a process, a policy, or the culture at work. The executive director of your division, whom you do not know personally, has expressed a desire to receive feedback from staff whenever a problem arises. Write a memo to the executive director explaining the problem. Provide details about when you first noticed it and what you think is causing it. Then, propose a possible way to address the issue.

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