Short Essay (Exam Section) For this component of the exam, you will need to writ

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Short Essay (Exam Section) For this component of the exam, you will need to write a 3-paragraph essay. The essay should include the following 3 components: 1. Explain the quoted argument in your own words 2. Identify and clearly articulate what you take to be the strongest objection to that argument; and 3. Discuss how compelling you take the objection to be. That is, does the objection undermine the argument, or can the author!s argument be adequately defended against it? From Amartya Sen’s “Freedom and the Foundations of Justice” “I have tried to argue for some time now that for many evaluative purposes, the appropriate ‘space’ is neither utilities (as claimed by welfarists), nor that of primary goods (as claimed by Rawls), but that of substantive freedoms – the capabilities – to choose a life one has reason to value. If the object is to concentrate on the individual’s real opportunity, to pursue her objectives (as Rawls explicitly recommends), then account would have to be taken not only of the primary goods the persons respectively hold, but also of the relevant personal characteristics that govern the conversion of primary goods into the ability of persons to promote her ends. For example, a person who is disabled may have a larger basket of primary goods and yet have less chance to lead a normal life (or to pursue her objectives) than an able bodied person with a smaller basket of primary goods…” (562) Full rubric and reading attached

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