SOURCES: I think this topic is a good source to start:”compassionate leadership

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

SOURCES: I think this topic is a good source to start:”compassionate leadership during the pandemic in the military”.
Here’s another reference:
Does “compassionate leadership in the military” sound interesting to you? I think it does.,Bryant%20Gray.
CONTENT: Chosen topic has to be more specified and meeting directly the marking criteria and satisfying learning outcomes.
Kindly be more specific on the leadership topic that you have chosen. Refer to the “instructions” provided closely and read the attached “guidelines” carefully.
Also order#433573127 has a plenty of sources that might help to be more specified when choosing a topic.
Comments from Customer
PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#453701444): Kindly follow the instructions below: -)Topic title: Any Specified Leadership Fields or Aspects in Army -)Words count: 2000 excluding (Executive summary, References, Figures/Charts, etc.) Please read the assignment guidelines carefully. -)Citation style: Harvard format in all in-text citations and end list of references -)Source numbers: should be 20 sources -)Notes/comments on each source while searching and reading are needed in a separate page. -)Search Area of interest: Journal Peer-review literature articles or books – )Search engine: Google Scholars or School Library Search (See attached) Only these two search engine libraries to be used -Articles chosen from above search engines have to be shared Paper should be written in a (Research Article) format.
American writer is preferable COMMENTS FROM PREVIOUS ORDER: Discipline: Leadership & Strategy Execution

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