Students,G morning.I have given this Saturday’s community event much thought.

Posted: March 17th, 2022

G morning.
I have given this Saturday’s community event much thought. I have decided that those that can attend should attend the event along with me for this great cause. Those that are unable to attend the event will be required to complete an assignment. The assignment is the following:
• Imagine that you have just been named the U.S. Healthcare Czar. Your first assignment is to design a new health care system for the nation.
o How do you finance it?
o What do you measure to determine its success?
o How do you determine what services should be covered, i.e. what constitutes “essential” care?
• Criteria for your paper:
o minimum 2 pages & maximum 2 pages
 excluding title page & reference page
o APA format
o you will have 1 week to submit

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