The assignment will practice how to manage the Triple Bottom Line by reducing, r

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

The assignment will practice how to manage the Triple Bottom Line by reducing, reusing, and recycling. This assignment will encompass most of the semester to first set a goal and then reach it throughout the semester.
Attached is the full assignment here. The folder includes an example and spreadsheet templates samples you may want to use.
Overall Student Learning Objective (SLO): To become even MORE responsible for our environment so that you can extend your behavior to the workplace. Walking the talk will enable you to be an effective sustainability manager. You absolutely can choose goals on our own happiness or people goals or investing in your future.
SLO1: Learn to identify projects to improve TBL impacts at home based on the current state. Identify the future state and set target goals to achieve.
SLO2: Learn to track, measure/quantify, and then evaluate projects.
SLO3: Learn change management skills.
We work on this assignment during class as we continue to learn the concepts you need to complete this assignment. We will work in mentor groups to assist one another with a clear SMART Goal, select Key Performance Indicators, how to measure the results, and how to communicate those results.
Background: Ideas to Create a More Sustainable Lifestyle
Environmental, social, and economic responsibility starts at home. You will find that as you become more responsible you start paying more attention to actions you take that could be detrimental to our environment. This increased awareness extends to the workplace. How we enhance our life at home can be enacted in the workplace and vice versa. This assignment will enable you to implement the process of change management as a change agent.
Some ideas to help get you started (Also see “Lifestyle Management” power point):
Buy a tote (or use a cardboard box) and start recycling. Check to be sure what is recyclable with your trash company or apartment complex. If you live in an apartment, you might have to ask your manager to provide for recycling if not already provided.
Buy some cloth bags and use them whenever you go shopping. Some stores offer a refund or some incentive.
Consciously use less water. This is a hard habit to break. Why let the water run when you are brushing your teeth, doing dishes, cleaning up?
Compost with worms and not chemicals. AS Sustainability can show you.
Riding your bike and walking more will have immediate effects on raising your endorphins and energy levels. Bike with friends to share time together.
Bring your own dishes – reusable cups for cold or hot drinks, utensils, cloth napkin, plate and take away containers.
Buy only what you need and buy local to reduce the carbon footprint of the stuff you own and use.
Try cooking and reduce prepackaged foods. Where does your food come from? Explore the supply chain.
Carpool, take public transportation for free, and arrange your time so you travel in the most efficient route possible.
Get your roommates involved by offering fun ways to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Turn off the electricity on everything not in use. Turn off the electricity when not in the room. Open the shades, let the sunshine through.
Use surge protectors and avoid phantom loads.
Have a Zero-Waste party and celebrate your friends for doing a great job!
These are just a few ideas to get you started. By setting goals and attaining them, your self-confidence and self-awareness will be enhanced by your new lifestyle changes and reduce your carbon footprint.
To help learn how to reimagine, redesign, reduce, reuse, rot, and recycle as a last resort (the 6R’s), you will choose three lifestyle changes to implement the 6 R’s using the worksheets on pp. 85-89. You will choose 3 goals, from the 6 R’s. If you can’t think of anything for one of the R’s you can double up on an “R”.
The assignment begins today. Go home and assess what you could do better or a new change you could make in your daily routine. Track and measure your progress during the month and turn in your progress report at the end of the month. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and review the grading criteria. We will be working on these each Thursday.
In the assignment you will first calculate metrics manually for each project you choose. See the Assignment folder for handouts and templates to help you create your project management sheets.
What to Turn in and What the Report Should Include: (see example on Blackboard)
List the 3 goals, one for each of the 3 R’s.
Goal 1 Replace 6 60 watt CFL lightbulbs to 6 4 watt LED lightbulbs to reduce energy usage per bulb by 54 watts
Briefly explain the steps you took to attain your goals.
Report your progress and outcomes throughout the month. Create an excel template and embed (cut and paste) within your document to report your progress.
Create a budget to report all expenses incurred, money saved on reducing, and revenues earned. (Bought new CFL light bulbs (8 X $1.50=$12.00, bought six cloth bags = $6.00, used 6 gallons less of gas and saved $18). Track this all in a spreadsheet and embed (insert) into your report.
KPI Calculations must be precise; measure a monetary and environmental outcome for each goal and show your math so I can follow your logic.
Show your math so the instructor can grade the calculations. You can print screen after pressing the CTRL key and the ~ at the same tab. (~ located above TAB key)
Calculate your Carbon Footprint at the beginning and end of each month. Show how your carbon footprint was reduced in a template. Using only:
January EOM
February EOM
March EOM
12,076 MT CO2e
Discuss the barriers you experienced during the assignment.
Discuss how you overcame those barriers or resistance to change from others to demonstrate change management skills
Visit office hours to assist you with data entry, embedding reports, evaluating utility expense, and the outcome of your project goals. We will be working on these each Thursday during class.
Conclude how this assignment improved your quality of life, and be sure to include the Triple Bottom Line perspective.
List three new goals you will implement next month.
How to Turn in to Assignment Dropbox
Upload your Word or PDF document without separate attachments to the Assignment Dropbox. Be sure to embed your metrics into your Word document.
Blackboard only allows Word or PDF to be opened. You must convert the document. It will not be graded if it’s not converted.
Format: single spaced report style, 3-4 pages,
Grading Criteria:
Point Total: 100 points
/ 10 3 Goals with target % and timeframe (end of March)
/ 50 Embedded Budget, Measuring System, Carbon Footprint spreadsheets
/ 20 Progress discussion
/ 10 Barriers to success
/ 5 Next month’s three goals
/ 100 Total Assignment
*please help me as I live in my van currently(been in this life style for a long time) and I will not going to have the parameter for the average house use data or the “ways to improve” since I`m literally off grid and have no Idea how I could organize the words even if I want to explain my current situation .FYI this stuff is due before sunday midnight. your help is greatly appreciated

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