The objective of the Journal Assignment is to provide you with a private place t

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

The objective of the Journal Assignment is to provide you with a private place to think on the page. “Thinking on the page” is a phrase used to describe writing as a form of thinking. Some of us process our thoughts out loud as we describe them to others. In an academic environment, you will be asked to record your ideas in writing (“thinking on the page”) to show the new knowledge that you have acquired through reading and listening to the resources and completing the assignments. In this Journal Assignment, you will create a Technology Contingency Plan to help prepare for challenges and issues that will inevitably occur. You will also reflect on that process as well as your thoughts on the extensive use of technology in the program. As you write, think about the audience to whom you are writing and the difference between personal writing and scholarly writing. Your journal writing falls into the category of personal writing and should be approached in that way. Think of the Journal as an academic reflection space. To prepare for this Assignment: Review the Week 1 Assignment Rubric, provided in the Course Information area. View the Creating a Technology Backup Plan video (Walden University, 2015), provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Access the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet (linked both here and in the weekly Learning Resources). Complete the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet. While you are not required to submit this worksheet, it will help to inform your reflection in the Journal Assignment. By Day 7 Submit a minimum 150-word Journal Assignment. Journal about the process of completing the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet and how it may have started you thinking about preparing for technology issues. Reflect on how you might avoid issues and challenges with regards to technology. This Assignment is for you to share your feelings. You will not be graded on your writing.

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