-The reading discusses the social worker as using “the self as an instrument in helping” Discuss what that means and how it is done.

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Answer all questions.
1-The reading discusses the social worker as using “the self as an instrument in helping” Discuss what that means and how it is done.
2- What are some factors that may negatively impact the social worker’s ability to effectively help?
3- “Self-awareness needs to be a constant, moment-to-moment habit in all our professional contacts.”
4-You are a social worker at a community action program that provides a range of social services to low-income people, including housing assistance, emergency food, crisis intervention services, and energy assistance. One of your colleagues, who is not a social worker, learned from a client that two years earlier the client robbed a convenience store during a time in his life when he was addicted to heroin. The crime remains unsolved; the man was never arrested for the robbery. The man has since been in intensive substance abuse treatment and is coping well. At a staff meeting, your colleague, who does not have a college degree or formal professional education, states that in his opinion the agency has an obligation to report the man to the local police. You believe that the agency has an obligation to protect the man’s privacy and that the agency would violate his rights if staffers notified the police. How would you approach these issues in the team meeting? What ethical guidelines are relevant?
5. You are employed as a social worker at a senior center that provides a day treatment program. Many of the program’s clients struggle with dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment. At a staff meeting, you and your colleagues discuss the challenges faced by a client, an 84-year-old man, who has been diagnosed with moderate cognitive impairment; at times the man is verbally combative and noncompliant. One of your colleagues, a nurse, tells the team that they should consult with the man’s primary care physician and psychiatrist about his difficulties. The nurse shows the group a release of information form that she had the man sign earlier that day authorizing the physicians to release confidential information to the agency. On the basis of your extensive contact with the man and your familiarity with his functioning, you doubt that he read or understood the form he signed. You suspect that he simply complied with the nurse’s request that he sign the form. How would you handle this situation?

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