This is a group paper and visual presentation. Group members will meet to select

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

This is a group paper and visual presentation. Group members will meet to select from individual topics & literature reviews. The selected review topic will be the source for your practice improvement assignment. Group members will select a problem that is common to all students within the group (from the individual PICO assignments). Students in groups will briefly summarize their project using PICO question terminology and present their topic and relevant literature to their classmates. The goal of this exercise is to “tell the story” of the improvement project, why it is needed, and who benefits from the improvement. Students must be present in the classroom to receive credit. Group Practice Improvement Project Paper & Presentation: This assignment consists of two parts: 1) A 3-5, page written summary of the group’s selected practice improvement topic from professional journals which focused on the PICO question formulated by individual group members. The group will review the remaining PICO questions that were not selected and tell why they were NOT selected for the presentation. 2) The paper and presentation should present an evidenced-based idea/solutions and recommendations that would improve outcomes related to the PICO question. Please use APA 7th edition for guidelines and formatting. The presentation should be brief, only 15 to 20 minutes for each group. The paper will be submitted via TURN-IT-IN on the course Blackboard website. A copy match of 0-20% similarity will be considered acceptable. However, a copy match over 20% requires review, editing and resubmission to lower copy match. ****We have already completed the presentation in a previous class. I have attached the file to help guide your research as we have already included references.

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