Topic:  Which strategies are most effective for increasing workplace mindfulness

Posted: March 17th, 2022

Topic:  Which strategies are most effective for increasing workplace mindfulness?
Preparing an Executive Summary is a critical skill for business writers.  This assignment will provide feedback you can use in your final report.
1. Review the Executive Summary Section of the Prefatory Parts document under the Report Instructions Module that appears after the Week 1 Module on Canvas.  Next read the How to Write An Executive Summary narrated slides for pointers about how to write an effective executive summary.  After you write the draft, please review your draft using the Executive Summary rubric that I and your peer group will use to provide you with feedback.
2.  Summarize your report in a one-page document that contains these sections:
Describe the research problem or question studied.
Identify the methods used to study the research problem/question. Which types of research did you use? Which databases were used?
List the major research findings (the what?).
Provide conclusions (the so what?) and recommendations (the now what?).  Be specific when writing this paragraph.
Note: Please reference the sample attached to write an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. And three resources are:
1. Being Intentional About Workplace Mindfulness Programs(attached)
2. Promoting Sustainability: The Effects of Workplace Mindfulness Training (attached)
3.  A Workplace Mindfulness Intervention May Be Associated With Improved Psychological Well-Being and Productivity. A Preliminary Field Study in a Company Setting ( )

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