unless you really had a good grounding in the liberal arts.” How important is the Humanities to a career in health care

Posted: March 8th, 2022

Final Project
For your final project, you will choose one of the following options and write 1000-word essay sharing your view of the topic. The response should include a minimum of 3 – 5 sources. This can include the text book and other sources such as art, videos, songs, film, architecture. The essay should be in APA format including all citations and references for media. Include a title page, abstract page, body, and references page. For help with APA formatting, go to Getting Started and scroll down to APA Study Resources.
1000-1250 words.
Format using 6th edition APA requirements to include an abstract of about 150 words.
Use three to five sources including the textbook (cited in the text and on a references page)
No more than 20% of the paper should be from source support.
Evidence critical thinking and critical analysis skills
OPTION 1. After considering the following quote, write a response to the following question: How can the Humanities help society build toward the future? What role can the Humanities play?
“Every generation faces the same challenge, to engage with the past and to cope with the present, while building its future. However, the questions and problems inherent in human life remain the same. It is a given that our society can only progress if we work toward handling ever newly rising demands in appropriate ways based on what we know and understand in practical and theoretical terms; but the drumming toward the future cannot be a one-way street. Instead, we have to operate with a Janus-faced strategy, with one eye kept toward tomorrow, and the other eye toward the past.” (Classen, 2014)
Classen, A. (2014). The challenges of the humanities, past, present, and future: Why the middle ages mean so much for us today and tomorrow. Humanities, 3(1), 1-18. Doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/h3010001
OPTION 2. Myths and Contemporary Life. The hero is an archetype found in almost every culture; hence the label world myth. Because their appeal is so strong, they re-emerge again and again. Hero myths are particularly important to children and young people. Choose a film that promotes a hero and consider the impact it may have on a young audience. In particular, consider what cultural values the film may underline. Does the prospect of “us versus them” lead to a divided society? Why does the myth of hero endure?
OPTION 3. Henry David Thoreau called himself a naturalist in his decision to live away from human community. He thought urbanism a sad way to live, a life “of quiet desperation.” Respond to the idea that life is either a solitary pursuit or a communal experience by sharing artifacts (songs, films, art, poetry, architecture) that supports your view.
OPTION 4. If Morality is the basis for differentiating between actions that are “good” or right and those that are “bad” or wrong when we are making choices among significant options. What does music, film, television frequently focuses on behaviors that are typically questionable. For example: Rap music promoting gangster style behavior, overly violent films and television, toxic masculinity, music videos that objectify women. In an essay, share your view on whether popular music, and film or television artists are expressing their freedom or producing morally questionable pieces.
Option 5. According to Dr. David Muller, Mount Sinai’s dean for medical education: “Science is the foundation of an excellent medical education, but a well-rounded humanist is best suited to make the most of that education.” Mount Sinai accepts humanities majors from a handful of top-flight liberal arts schools after their second year of college. These students are expected to continue to follow their nonscientific interests for the remainder of their college careers, while preparing for medical school to come. According to former dean Dr. Norman Kase, who began the program “ [I] really had a firm belief that you couldn’t be a good doctor and a well-rounded doctor — relate to patients and communicate with them — unless you really had a good grounding in the liberal arts.” How important is the Humanities to a career in health care? Cite three or four areas of focus from the textbook that would benefit a student pursuing a career in health care. Link to article: Medical School Lures Humanities Majors

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