.Using motivational theory as your guideline, identify strengths and weaknesses of the existing compensation system

Posted: February 28th, 2022

1.Using motivational theory as your guideline, identify strengths and weaknesses of the existing compensation system. Could the compensation and recognition system be contributing to poor sales of the new product? If so, explain how.
2.How do the university’s policies and processes contribute to an individual’s ability to use power in this situation? Explain your answer.
ABOUT 2 (Mini Case: Power Abused—Celebrity and Harassment
A popular up-and-coming social media company shocked its employees and the public with the announcement that the company was severing ties with one of its senior managers. The manager was a social media mogul, well known and respected by the public. The company’s decision was made in response to emerging media reports indicating that the manager had abused, sexually assaulted, and harassed several women in both private and work contexts. It wasn’t long before further details emerged, with more than a dozen women making allegations of violent sexual acts, and several more individuals complaining of workplace sexual harassment. The allegations dated back several years. The accused manager, once a powerhouse, became isolated, having lost many of his supporters in both the public and private spheres. Eventually, he was formally charged with multiple counts of sexual and physical assault.
Why was this manager able to engage in such inappropriate behaviours at work for so long before being disciplined? As a well-known spokesperson for the social media company, the accused manager enjoyed celebrity status in public, and therefore had a great deal of formal and informal power within the company. Sandra, a former employee who worked in the accused manager’s department, explained how he would harass and intimidate her with impunity. She reported that he had made violent, sexualized comments, and would inappropriately grab and touch her at work. When she complained to her immediate supervisor, Sandra was told that this behaviour was normal for the manager and that she would need to learn to ignore it. Sandra believed that the company allowed a two-tiered workplace to emerge, one in which the most powerful employees didn’t have to comply with the law or workplace norms as long as they were keeping the company profitable and popular in the public eye. Regular workers only had job security if they accepted these abuses of authority. Sandra further observed that no other managers who were complicit in creating or maintaining this toxic environment were disciplined. Genevieve, another complainant who had made sexual harassment allegations about the manager several years earlier, reported that the company’s human resources department met with her and tried to make the workplace less toxic, but they realized that even they were fairly powerless as long as the perpetrator maintained his celebrity status with the public. Genevieve’s union was ineffective at addressing her complaints for similar reasons. Both Genevieve and Sandra eventually took their complaints to the media.
The social media company remains in damage-control mode. Senior executives have denied any awareness of sexual harassment allegations, and the company has retained an employment lawyer to lead an independent investigation. The company has committed to preventing similar occurrences in the future by revisiting their policies and procedures related to sexual harassment.
But were policies and procedures really the problem in the first place? Can policy overcome the types of power politics seen in this situation?)
3.Define Organizational Behaviour and explain how it contributes to the effectiveness of organizations.
4.What are some group and team behaviour concepts that can help achieve team outcomes?
5.After learning in class about how an organization will pick a strategy for their company let’s practice those skills. We know that we use the TOWS matrix to brainstorm project creations and strategy so that’s what we are going to do!
Pick a well-known public company you like and perform the TOWS matrix for them.
External Opportunities (O)
External Threats (T)
Internal Strengths (S)
SO Project Idea:
ST Project Idea:
Internal Weakness (W)
WO Project Idea:
WT Project Idea:
-Tell me about one bad manager you have had in the past
-Tell me about one good leader you have had in the past
-What do you think is the most important quality of a leader?
-Who is one person in this world that you look up to as a leader?
7.Choose one of the following statements. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
There are no new ideas
Most of the best ideas are discovered by accident
Research and development is the key to great business ideas
There is nothing wrong with copying and improving the ideas of others
The best way to kill an idea is to take it to a meeting
8. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4Iudwdw2E this video and answer the following questions based on the information you have just learned.
Answer the following:
What are the 5 project management tips?
Give an example or solution for each of the 5 tips.
In your option which tip is the most important for a project manager to use to be successful?

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