Was Afghanistan a repeat of the Vietnam War?

Posted: February 22nd, 2022

GOVT 2305 discussion 9.
TOPIC: Perspectives
1) U.S. War in Afganistan: U.S. Perspective
How does isolationism impact U.S. diplomacy and domestic policies?
Was nation-building an effective strategy? Did the U.S. get lost in domestic issues (women/children/economy)?
Was Afghanistan a repeat of the Vietnam War?
Was the war necessary, would another tactic have garnered better results?
Could the funds spent on this war be better spent in the U.S.?
Write a TedTalk draft. You may also write a TedTalk on your unique perspective on the war in Afghanistan. The questions under each perspective are there to help guide you through your TedTalk draft, you do not have to answer them. I am always hesitant to suggest what other people/countries should do or how they should feel. Please do your research and keep in mind cultural norms. (There is a debate on whether using Afghan to describe a citizen or someone from Afghanistan is the correct term. I am using Afghan based on reading several articles from Afghans now living in America.)
Submission Requirements:
1) Each TedTalk must discuss the impact of U.S. isolationism on your topic and the war in Afghanistan (good, bad, or neutral). Do not ramble and only use academic sources.

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